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CASS 7.19.1GRP
(1) 1Under CASS 7.17.2R(2)2, a firm acts as trustee for all client money received or held by it for the benefit of the clients for whom that client money is held, according to their respective interests in it.(2) A firm that is also a clearing member of an authorised central counterparty may wish to segregate client money specifically for the benefit of a group of clients who have chosen to clear positions through a net margined omnibus client account maintained by the firm with
CASS 7.19.9RRP
(1) A firm wishing to establish a sub-pool must prepare a sub-pool disclosure document for each sub-pool.(2) The sub-pool disclosure document for each sub-pool must:(a) identify the sub-pool by name, as stated in its records under CASS 7.19.7 R, the net margined omnibus client account and the authorised central counterparty to which the sub-pool disclosure document relates;(b) contain a statement that the client consents to the firm receiving and holding the client'sclient money
CASS 7.19.13RRP
(1) A firm must not hold client money for a sub-pool in a client bank account or a client transaction account used for holding client money for any other sub-pool or the general pool.(2) A firm that establishes a sub-pool must ensure that the name of each client bank account and each client transaction account (other than the net margined omnibus client account) maintained for that sub-pool includes a unique identifying reference or descriptor that enables the account to be identified
CASS 7.19.25RRP
The records maintained under this section, including the sub-pool disclosure documents, are a record of the firm that must be kept in a durable medium for at least five years following the date on which client money was last held by the firm for a sub-pool to which those records or the sub-pool disclosure document applied.
If a primary pooling event occurs, then4:(1) (a) in respect of a sub-pool,4 the following is treated as a single notional pool of client money for the beneficiaries of that pool:45(i) any client money held in a client bank account of the firm relating to that sub-pool; and5(ii) any client money held in a client transaction account of the firm relating to that sub-pool, except for client money held in a client transaction account at an authorised central counterparty3 or a clearing
(1) 1Under EMIR, where a firm that is a clearing member4 of an authorised central counterparty defaults, the authorised central counterparty may:4(a) portclient positions where possible; and(b) after the completion of the default management process:(i) return any balance due directly to those clients for whom the positions are held, if they are known to the authorised central counterparty; or(ii) remit any balance to the firm for the account of its clients if the clients are
CASS 7.10.22RRP
If a CRD credit institution or an approved bank that is not a CRD credit institution wishes to hold client money for a client (rather than hold the money in either of the ways described in CASS 7.10.16 R) it must, before providing designated investment business services to the client, disclose the following information to the client:(1) that the money held for that client in the course of or in connection with the business described under (2) is being held by the firm as client
The client money distribution and transfer rules set out the required treatment of client money on the occurrence of a pooling event so that where:4(1) for example, a firmfails (but also in other situations where a primary pooling event occurs), the rules in CASS 7A.2 (Primary pooling events) facilitate the return or transfer of client money; and4(2) a person at which the firm holds client moneyfails, the rules in CASS 7A.3 (Secondary pooling events) allocate any loss of client