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CASS 10.1.2GRP
The purpose of the CASS resolution pack is to ensure that a firm maintains and is able to retrieve information that would, in the event of its insolvency, assist an insolvency practitioner in achieving a timely return of client money and safe custody assets held by the firm to that firm'sclients.
CASS 10.1.4GRP
A firm is required to maintain a CASS resolution pack at all times when CASS 10.1.1 R applies to it.
CASS 10.1.5GRP
(1) The rules in this chapter specify the types of documents and records that must be maintained in a firm'sCASS resolution pack and the retrieval period for the pack. The firm should maintain the component documents of the CASS resolution pack in order for them to be retrieved in accordance with CASS 10.1.7 R, and should not use the retrieval period to start producing these documents.(2) The contents of the documents that constitute the CASS resolution pack will change from time
CASS 10.1.6RRP
For the purpose of this chapter, a firm will be treated as satisfying a rule in this chapter requiring it to include a document in its CASS resolution pack if a member of that firm'sgroup includes that document in its own CASS resolution pack, provided that:(1) that group member is subject to the same rule; and(2) the firm is still able to comply with CASS 10.1.7 R.
CASS 10.1.7RRP
In relation to each document in a firm'sCASS resolution pack a firm must:(1) put in place adequate arrangements to ensure that an administrator, receiver, trustee, liquidator or analogous officer appointed in respect of it or any material part of its property is able to retrieve each document as soon as practicable and in any event within 48 hours of that officer’s appointment; and(2) ensure that it is able to retrieve each document as soon as practicable, and in any event within
CASS 10.1.9ERP
(1) For the purpose of CASS 10.1.7 R, the following documents and records should be retrievable immediately:(a) the document identifying the institutions referred to in CASS 10.2.1R (2);(b) the document identifying individuals pursuant to CASS 10.2.1R (4);(c) any written notification or trust acknowledgement letters referred to in CASS 10.2.1R (5);(d) the most recent internal reconciliations relating to safe custody assets referred to in CASS 10.3.1R (3);(e) the most recent external
CASS 10.1.10GRP
Where a firm anticipates that it might be the subject of an insolvency order, it is likely to have sought advice from an external adviser. The firm should make the CASS resolution pack available promptly, on request, to such an adviser.
CASS 10.1.11RRP
(1) A firm must ensure that it reviews the content of its CASS resolution pack on an ongoing basis to ensure that it remains accurate(2) In relation to any change of circumstances that has the effect of rendering inaccurate, in any material respect, the content of a document specified in CASS 10.2.1 R, a firm must ensure that any inaccuracy is corrected promptly and in any event no more than five business days after the change of circumstances arose.
CASS 10.1.13GRP
A firm may hold in electronic form any document in its CASS resolution pack provided that it continues to be able to comply with CASS 10.1.7 R and CASS 10.1.11 R in respect of that document.
CASS 10.3.1RRP
A firm must include, as applicable, within its CASS resolution pack the records required under:(1) CASS 6.3.1R (4) (safe custody assets: appropriateness of the firm’s selection of a third party);(2) CASS 6.4.3 R (firm’s use of safe custody assets);(3) CASS 6.5.1 R (safe custody assets held for each client), including internal reconciliations carried out pursuant to CASS 6.5.2 R as explained in the guidance at CASS 6.5.4 G;(4) CASS 6.5.2A R (client agreements: firm’s right to use);(5)
CASS 10.2.1RRP
A firm must include within its CASS resolution pack:(1) a master document containing information sufficient to retrieve each document in the firm'sCASS resolution pack;(2) a document which identifies the institutions the firm has appointed (including through an appointed representative, tied agent, field representative or other agent):(a) in the case of client money, for the placement of money in accordance with CASS 7.4.1 R or to hold or control client money in accordance with