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BIPRU 9.12.20RRP
(1) If:(a) a firm'sIRB permission allows it to use this treatment; and(b) the conditions in (2)(16) are satisfied,a firm may attribute to an unrated position in an asset backed commercial paper programme a derived rating as laid down in (3).(2) Positions in the commercial paper issued from the programme must be rated positions.(3) Under the ABCP internal assessment approach, the unrated position must be assigned by the firm to one of the rating grades described in (5). The position
The originator of a traditional securitisation may exclude securitised exposures from the calculation of risk weighted exposure amounts and expected loss amounts if either of the following conditions is fulfilled:(1) 2significant credit risk associated with the securitised exposures is considered to have been transferred to third parties; or(2) 2the originator applies a 1250% risk weight to all securitisation positions it holds in the securitisation or deducts these securitisation
Where there is a clean-up call option, the following conditions must be satisfied:(1) the clean-up call option is exercisable at the discretion of the originator;(2) the clean-up call option may only be exercised when 10% or less of the original value of the exposuressecuritised remains unamortised; and(3) the clean-up call option is not structured to avoid allocating losses to credit enhancement positions or other positions held by investors and is not otherwise structured to
The securitisation documentation must not contain clauses that:(1) other than in the case of early amortisation provisions, require positions in the securitisation to be improved by the originator including but not limited to altering the underlying credit exposures or increasing the yield payable to investors in response to a deterioration in the credit quality of the securitised exposures; or(2) increase the yield payable to holders of positions in the securitisation in response
2Significant credit risk will be considered to be transferred for an originator in the following cases:(1) 2the risk weighted exposure amounts of the mezzanine securitisation positions held by the originator in the securitisation do not exceed 50% of the risk weighted exposure amounts of all mezzanine securitisation positions existing in this securitisation;(2) 2where there are no mezzanine securitisation positions in a given securitisation and the originator can demonstrate that
(1) Where there is an exposure to different tranches in a securitisation, the exposure to each tranche must be considered a separate securitisation position.(2) The providers of credit protection to securitisation positions must be treated as holding positions in the securitisation.(3) securitisation positions include exposures to a securitisation arising from interest rate or currency derivative contracts.[Note:BCD Article 96(2)]
Subject to BIPRU 9.9.5 R,(1) where a firm calculates risk weighted exposure amounts under the standardised approach to securitisations outlined in BIPRU 9.11, the exposure value of an on-balance sheet securitisation position must be its balance sheet value;(2) where a firm calculates risk weighted exposure amounts under the IRB approach to securitisations outlined in BIPRU 9.12, the exposure value of an on-balance sheet securitisation position must be measured gross of value adjustments;(3)
Where a securitisation position is subject to funded credit protection, the exposure value of that position may be modified in accordance with and subject to the requirements of BIPRU 5 (Credit risk mitigation) as further specified in BIPRU 9.11.13 R and BIPRU 9.14.[Note:BCD Annex IX Part 4 point 4]
BIPRU 9.14.13RRP
In other cases the firm must treat the securitisation position as two or more positions with the uncovered portion being the position with the lower credit quality. For the purposes of calculating the risk weighted exposure amount for this position, the provisions in BIPRU 9.12.22 R to BIPRU 9.12.24 G apply subject to the modifications that T is adjusted to e* in the case of funded credit protection; and to T-g in the case of unfunded credit protection, where e* denotes the ratio
Each exposure must be assigned to one of the following exposure classes:(1) claims or contingent claims on central governments and central banks;(2) claims or contingent claims on institutions;(3) claims or contingent claims on corporates;(4) retail claims or contingent retail claims;(5) equity claims;(6) securitisation positions; and(7) non credit-obligation assets.[Note: BCD Article 86(1)]
(1) An originator of a synthetic securitisation may calculate risk weighted exposure amounts1, and, as relevant, expected loss amounts, for the securitised exposures in accordance with BIPRU 9.5.3 R and BIPRU 9.5.4 R, if either of the following conditions is fulfilled:1(a) 1significant credit risk is considered to have been transferred to third parties, either through funded or unfunded credit protection; or(b) 1the originator applies a 1250% risk weight to all securitisation
BIPRU 11.5.17RRP
A firm calculating risk weighted exposure amounts in accordance with BIPRU 9 or capital resource requirements according to BIPRU 7.2.48A R to BIPRU 7.2.48K R4 must disclose the following information, where relevant separately for its trading book and non-trading book:4(1) a description of the firm's objectives in relation to securitisation activity;(1A) the nature of other risks, including liquidity risk inherent in securitised assets;4(1B) the type of risks in terms of seniority