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The calculation of the consolidated capital resources requirement of a firm's UK consolidation group or non-EEA sub-group involves taking the individual components that make up the capital resources requirement on a solo basis and applying them on a consolidated basis. Those components are the capital charge for credit risk (the credit risk capital requirement), the capital charge for market risk (the market risk capital requirement)4 and the fixed overheads requirement.
A firm must calculate the consolidated capital resources requirement of its UK consolidation group or non-EEA sub-group as the higher of the following consolidated requirements components:33(1) the sum of the consolidated credit risk requirement and the consolidated market risk requirement; and3(2) the consolidated fixed overheads requirement. 3
Table: Capital charges relating to consolidated requirement componentsThis table belongs to BIPRU 8.7.11 RConsolidated requirement componentRules on which the consolidated requirement component are based (the applicable risk capital requirement)Consolidated credit risk requirementCredit risk capital requirementConsolidated fixed overheads requirementFixed overheads requirementConsolidated market risk requirementMarket risk capital requirement3
A firm may not apply the second method in BIPRU 8.7.13R (3) (accounting consolidation for the whole group) or apply accounting consolidation to parts of its UK consolidation group or non-EEA sub-group under method three as described in BIPRU 8.7.13R (4)(a) for the purposes of the calculation of the consolidated market risk requirement unless the group or sub-group and the undertakings in that group or sub-group satisfy the conditions in this rule. Instead the firm must use the