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(1) A firm must calculate a consolidated requirement component by using one of the methods in this rule.(2) Under the first method a firm must:(a) apply the risk capital requirement set out in BIPRU 8.7.12 R to each undertaking in the UK consolidation group or non-UK sub-group5; and(b) add the risk capital requirements together.(3) Under the second method a firm must:(a) treat the whole UK consolidation group or non-UK sub-group5 as a single undertaking; and(b) apply the risk
A firm may not apply the second method in BIPRU 8.7.13R (3) (accounting consolidation for the whole group) or apply accounting consolidation to parts of its UK consolidation group or non-UK sub-group5 under method three as described in BIPRU 8.7.13R (4)(a) for the purposes of the calculation of the consolidated market risk requirement unless the group or sub-group and the undertakings in that group or sub-group satisfy the conditions in this rule. Instead the firm must use the
BIPRU 8.7.21 R to BIPRU 8.7.26 R are generally examples of the application of the general principles in BIPRU 8.2.1 R (Main consolidation rule for UK consolidation groups) and BIPRU 8.3.1 R (Main consolidation rule for non-UK sub-groups5). BIPRU 8.7.20 R and BIPRU 8.7.25 R are exceptions to those principles.