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If more than one financial holding company is a direct or indirect parent undertaking in accordance with BIPRU 8.3.12G (2)(a) then the sub-groups of each of 1them are all potential non-UK sub-groups5.
If a UK consolidation group is headed by a parent financial holding company in the UK5 the result of the elimination process may be that a firm'sUK consolidation group contains only one non-UK sub-group5 and that the non-UK sub-group5 is the same as the UK consolidation group. In theory that means that there are two sets of consolidation requirements, one in relation to the UK consolidation group and one in relation to the non-UK sub-group5. However as the UK consolidation group
If a firm has an investment firm consolidation waiver, it must ensure that any financial holding company in the UK consolidation group or the non-UK sub-group3 that is the parent financial holding company in the UK3 of a CAD investment firm in the UK consolidation group or non-UK sub-group3 has capital resources, calculated under BIPRU 8.4.12 R, in excess of the sum of the following (or any higher amount specified in the investment firm consolidation waiver):(1) the sum of the