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A firm may include amounts recoverable from an ISPV in the cash flows to be valued in a prospective valuation if it obtains a waiver of INSPRU 1.2.28 R under section 148 of the Act. The conditions that will need to be met, in addition to the statutory tests under section 148(4) of the Act, before the FSA will consider granting such a waiver are set out in INSPRU 1.6.13 G to INSPRU 1.6.18 G.
BIPRU 13.6.54RRP
A firm must have the systems capability to estimate EE daily if necessary, unless it is able to demonstrate to the FSA that its exposures to CCR warrant less frequent calculation. The firm must compute EE along a time profile of forecasting horizons that adequately reflects the time structure of future cash flows and maturity of the contracts and in a manner that is consistent with the materiality and composition of the exposures.[Note: BCD Annex III Part 6 point 30]