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A firm'sequity PRR calculation must:(1) include all trading bookpositions in equities, unless:(a) the position is fully deducted as a material holding under the calculations under the capital resources table, in which case the firm may exclude it; or(b) the position is hedging an option or warrant which is being treated under BIPRU 7.6.26R (Table: Appropriate treatment for equities, debt securities or currencies hedging options);(2) include notional positions arising from trading
If included in BIPRU 7.3's PRR calculation (see the table in BIPRU 7.3.3R), options must be treated as follows:(1) an option on a single equity must be treated as a notional position in that equity;(2) an option on a basket of equities or equity index must be treated as a future on that basket or index; and(3) an option on an equityfuture must be treated as:(a) a long position in that future, for purchased call options and written put options; and(b) a short position in that future,
This rule applies to a firm that does not include a forward, future, option or swap on an equity, basket of equities or equity index in the calculation of its interest rate PRR calculation under BIPRU 7.2 (Interest rate PRR). However it does not apply to cliquet as defined in BIPRU 7.6.18R (Table: Option PRR: methods for different types of option). A firm must calculate the interest rate PRR for a position being treated under this rule as follows:(1) multiply the market value
Under the option hedging method a firm must calculate the option PRR for individual positions as follows:(1) for an option or warrant on an equity, basket of equities or equity index and its equity hedge(s), the firm must, to the extent specified or permitted in the table in BIPRU 7.6.26R, use the calculation in the table in BIPRU 7.6.27R;(2) for an option or warrant on a debt security, basket of debt securities or debt security index and its debt security hedge(s), the firm must,
Table: Appropriate treatment for equities, debt securities or currencies hedging optionsThis table belongs to BIPRU 7.6.24RHedgePRR calculation for the hedgeLimits (if hedging method is used)Naked positionAn equity (hedging an option or warrant)The equity must be treated in either BIPRU 7.3 (equity PRR) or the option hedging method (see the table in BIPRU 7.6.27R)The option hedging method must only be used up to the amount of the hedge that matches the notional amount underlying
Table: The hedging method of calculating the PRR (equities, debt securities and gold)This table belongs to BIPRU 7.6.24R(1) - (3)PRROption or warrantpositionIn the money by more than the PRAIn the money by less than the PRAOut of the money or at the moneyLong in security or goldLong putZeroWpXShort callYYZShort in security or goldLong callZeroWcXShort putYYZWhere:Wp means{(PRA-100%) x The underlying position valued at strike price}+The market value of the underlying positionWc
(1) This paragraph gives an example of how the appropriate PRA should be calculated for the purpose of deciding whether or not an option on a CIU is sufficiently in the money for the firm to have a choice whether or not to apply an option PRR. This example assumes that there is no leveraging (see BIPRU 7.7.11R (CIU modified look through method)).(2) Say that the CIU contains underlying equityposition and the firm is using one of the CIU look through methods. The appropriate PRA
Table: Interest rate risk on other futures, forwards, options and swapsThis table belongs to BIPRU 7.2.34R.InstrumentNotional positionsforeign currencyforward or futurea long position denominated in the currency purchasedanda short position denominated in the currency soldGold forward or futurea long position if the forward or future involves an actual (or notional) sale of goldora short position if the forward or future involves an actual (or notional) purchase of goldEquityforward
A firm may calculate the PRR for a position falling into BIPRU 7.1.9R by applying by analogy the rules relating to the calculation of the interest rate PRR, the equity PRR, the commodity PRR, the foreign currency PRR2, the option PRR or the collective investment undertaking PRR if doing so is appropriate and if the position and PRR item are sufficiently similar to those that are covered by those rules.