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Table: Instruments which result in notional positionsThis table belongs to BIPRU 7.3.2R(2)InstrumentSeeDepository receiptsBIPRU 7.3.12RConvertibles where:(a) the convertible is trading at a market price of less than 110% of the underlying equity; and the first date at which conversion can take place is less than three months ahead, or the next such date (where the first has passed) is less than a year ahead; orBIPRU 7.3.13R(b) the conditions in (a) are not met but the firm includes
Table: simplified equity method position risk adjustmentsThis table belongs to BIPRU 7.3.29RInstrumentPosition risk adjustmentSingle equities16%22Qualifying equity indices2 (see BIPRU 7.3.38R)28%All other equity indices or baskets16%22If it is necessary to distinguish between the specific risk position risk adjustment and the general market risk position risk adjustment, the specific risk position risk adjustment for the first and third rows is 8%2 and that for the second row
Table: Appropriate PRR calculation for an option or warrantThis table belongs to BIPRU 7.6.3ROption type (see BIPRU 7.6.18R) or warrantPRR calculationAmerican option, European option, Bermudan option, Asian option or warrant for which the in the money percentage (see BIPRU 7.6.6R) is equal to or greater than the appropriate position risk adjustment (see BIPRU 7.6.7R and BIPRU 7.6.8R)Calculate either an option PRR, or the most appropriate to the underlying position of: an equity
Table: Appropriate treatment for equities, debt securities or currencies hedging optionsThis table belongs to BIPRU 7.6.24RHedgePRR calculation for the hedgeLimits (if hedging method is used)Naked positionAn equity (hedging an option or warrant)The equity must be treated in either BIPRU 7.3 (equity PRR) or the option hedging method (see the table in BIPRU 7.6.27R)The option hedging method must only be used up to the amount of the hedge that matches the notional amount underlying
Table: The hedging method of calculating the PRR (equities, debt securities and gold)This table belongs to BIPRU 7.6.24R(1) - (3)PRROption or warrantpositionIn the money by more than the position risk adjustmentIn the money by less than the position risk adjustmentOut of the money or at the moneyLong in security or goldLong putZeroWpXShort callYYZShort in security or goldLong callZeroWcXShort putYYZWhere:Wp means{(position risk adjustment-100%) x The underlying position valued
Table: Instruments which result in notional positionsThis table belongs to BIPRU 7.2.3R(2)InstrumentSeeFutures, forwards or synthetic futures on debt securitiesBIPRU 7.2.13 RFutures, forwards or synthetic futures on debt indices or basketsBIPRU 7.2.14RInterest rate futures or forward rate agreements (FRAs)BIPRU 7.2.18 RInterest rate swaps or foreign currencyswapsBIPRU 7.2.21RDeferred start interest rate swaps or foreign currencyswapsBIPRU 7.2.24RThe interest rate leg of an equityswap
Table: Interest rate risk on other futures, forwards, options and swapsThis table belongs to BIPRU 7.2.34R.InstrumentNotional positionsforeign currencyforward or futurea long position denominated in the currency purchasedanda short position denominated in the currency soldGold forward or futurea long position if the forward or future involves an actual (or notional) sale of goldora short position if the forward or future involves an actual (or notional) purchase of goldEquityforward
Table: Types of CAD 1 modelThis table belongs to BIPRU 7.9.6GOptions risk aggregation modelsInterest rate pre-processing modelsBrief description and eligible instrumentsAnalyse and aggregate options risks for: interest rate options;equityoptions;foreign currencyoptions;commodity options; andCIUoptions.May be used to calculate duration weighted positions for: interest rate futures;forward rate agreements (FRAs);forward commitments to buy or sell debt securities;options, swaps or
Table: underlying price/rate shiftsThis table belongs to BIPRU 7.9.33GUnderlying asset classShiftEquities±8%Foreign currency±8%Commodities±15%, (but a firm may use the percentages applicable under the commodity extended maturity ladder approach if it would qualify under BIPRU 7.4 (Commodity PRR) to use that approach).Interest rates±100bp (but a firm may use the sliding scale of shifts by maturity as applicable to the interest rate duration method).CIU±32%, (but a firm may use