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Sections 62 to 64 and 114(1) of the CCA continue to apply to a regulated agreement under which a person takes any article in pawn. A firm which fails to observe its obligations under those provisions may be subject to disciplinary action by the FCA. [Note: section 115 of CCA]
Once the lender has repaid the charges to the borrower or has confirmed there are no charges to repay the borrower is then under a statutory obligation to repay any credit received under the agreement.
Where a firm takes on responsibility for giving information to a customer or receiving information from a customer in accordance with provisions of the CCA (for example, supplying a copy of an executed regulated credit agreement under section 61A of the CCA) the firm should ensure it is familiar with the relevant statutory requirements and has adequate system and procedures in place to comply with the provision in question.
For life insurance policies pledged to a lending firm to be recognised the following conditions must be met:(1) the party providing the life insurance must be subject to the Solvency II Directive2, or is subject to supervision by a competent authority of a third country which applies supervisory and regulatory arrangements at least equivalent to those applied in the Community;112(2) the life insurance policy is openly pledged or assigned to the lending firm;(3) the party providing