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(1) As part of its obligation under the overall Pillar 2 rule, a firm must, for the major sources of risk identified in accordance with GENPRU 1.2.30R (2), carry out stress tests and scenario analyses that are appropriate to the nature, scale and complexity6 of those major sources of risk and to the nature, scale and complexity of the firm's business.666(a) [deleted]66(b) [deleted]66(i) [deleted]66(ii) [deleted]66(iii) [deleted]66(iv) [deleted]66(2) In carrying out the stress
6A BIPRU firm with an IRB permission which has any material credit exposures excluded from its IRB models should also include these exposures in its stress and scenario testing to meet its obligations under the general stress and scenario testing rule. A BIPRU firm without an IRB permission, or an insurer that has any material credit and counterparty credit risk exposures, should conduct analyses to assess risks to the credit quality of its counterparties, including any protection
The obligation to conduct an ICAAP, includes requirements on a firm to:(1) carry out regularly assessments of the amounts, types and distribution of financial resources, capital resources and internal capital that it considers adequate to cover the nature and level of the risks to which it is or might be exposed (GENPRU 1.2.30 R to GENPRU 1.2.41 G (the overall Pillar 2 rule and related rules);(2) identify the major sources of risk to its ability to meet its liabilities as they