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GENPRU 2.2.44 R (and the capital resources gearing rules that relate to it) also applies for the purposes of any other requirement in the Handbook for which it is necessary to calculate the capital resources of a BIPRU firm, except for the purposes described in GENPRU 2.2.47 R and except as may otherwise be stated in the relevant part of the Handbook.
The FSA recognises that it may not always be appropriate to apply BIPRU 12.5 (Individual Liquidity Adequacy Standards) to every ILAS BIPRU firm. For a firm which operates a relatively simple business model, it may instead be appropriate to allow the firm to calculate the size and content of its liquid assets buffer according to a simplified approach prescribed in the Handbook in advance of any review of that firm'sliquidity risk conducted by the FSA. This section sets out the
(1) This paragraph applies to an undertaking that would be a third country BIPRU firm if it were authorised under the Act.(2) Except in exceptional circumstances, it is the FSA's policy that it will not give an overseas applicant a Part IV permission unless the FSA is satisfied that the applicant will be subject to prudential regulation by its home state regulatory body that is broadly equivalent to that provided for in the Handbook and the applicable EEA prudential sectoral legislation.
SUP 13A.9.5GRP
(1) The purpose of the precautionary measure rule is to ensure that an incoming EEA firm is subject to the standards of MiFID and the MiFID implementing Directive to the extent that the Home State has not transposed MiFID or the MiFID implementing Directive by 1 November 2007. It is to 'fill a gap'.(2) The rule is made in the light of the duty of the United Kingdom under Article 62 of MiFID to adopt precautionary measures to protect investors. (3) The rule will be effective for
SUP 9.3.2GRP
The FSA may give individual guidance to a firm on its own initiative if it considers it appropriate to do so. For example:(1) the FSA may consider that general guidance in the Handbook does not appropriately fit a firm's particular circumstances (which may be permanent or temporary) and therefore decide to give additional individual guidance to the firm;(2) some of the FSA's requirements are expressed in general terms; however, there may be times when the FSA will wish to respond
A contravention of a rule in SYSC 11 to 2SYSC 19A4 does not give rise to a right of action by a private person under section 150 of the Act (and each of those rules is specified under section 150(2) of the Act as a provision giving rise to no such right of action). 4