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(1) In applying a risk weight to free deliveryexposures treated according to column 3 of the table in BIPRU 14.4.3 R, a firm using the IRB approach may assign PD to counterparties, for which they have no other non-trading bookexposure, on the basis of the counterparty's external rating.(2) A firm using own estimates of LGDs may apply the LGD set out in BIPRU 4.4.34 R to BIPRU 4.4.35 RBIPRU 4.4.35 R (IRB foundation approach: LGDs) to free deliveryexposures treated according to
BIPRU 14.2.18RRP
Where a firm calculates risk weighted exposure amounts for the purposes of BIPRU 14 in accordance with the IRB approach, then for the purposes of the calculation provided for in BIPRU 4.3.8 R, the following will apply:44(1) value adjustments made to take account of the credit quality of the counterparty may be included in the sum of value adjustments and provisions made for the exposures indicated in BIPRU 14; and(2) unless the firm'sIRB permission does not permit it, if the credit

This table belongs to BIPRU 14.3.4 R

Number of working days after due settlement date

Column A (%)

5 - 15


16 - 30


31 - 45


46 or more


[Note: CAD Annex II Table 1]

In cases of a system wide failure of a settlement or clearing system, a firm should refer to the emergency provisions in GEN 1.3. Where the requirements of GEN 1.3.2 R are met, until the situation is rectified failure of a counterparty to settle a trade will not be deemed a default for purposes of credit risk.[Note: CAD Annex II point 4]