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A firm may treat contractual netting as risk-reducing only under the following conditions:(1) the firm must have a contractual netting agreement with its counterparty which creates a single legal obligation, covering all included transactions, such that, in the event of a counterparty's failure to perform owing to default, bankruptcy, liquidation or any other similar circumstance, the firm would have a claim to receive or an obligation to pay only the net sum of the positive and
BIPRU 13.7.10RRP
In addition to the requirements in BIPRU 13.7.2 R to BIPRU 13.7.9 R, for contractual cross product netting agreements the following criteria must be met:(1) the net sum referred to in BIPRU 13.7.6 R (1) must be the net sum of the positive and negative close out values of any included individual bilateral master agreement and of the positive and negative mark-to-market value of the individual transactions (the Cross-Product Net Amount);(2) the written and reasoned legal opinions