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The appropriate regulator recognises that a firm may be part of a wider group which manages its liquidity on a group-wide basis. A firm which considers that the statutory tests in section 138A of the Act are met may apply for an intra-group liquidity modification permitting it to rely on liquidity support from elsewhere in its group. Until a firm has such a modification it will need to meet the overall liquidity adequacy rule from its own liquidity resources. The effect of an
SUP 16.12.11RRP
The applicable data items referred to in SUP 16.12.4 R are set out according to firm type in the table below:Description of data item45Firms' prudential category and applicable data items(note 1)IFPRU investment firms and BIPRU firmsFirmsother thanBIPRU firms or IFPRU investment firmsIFPRUBIPRUIPRU(INV)Chapter 3IPRU(INV)Chapter 5IPRU(INV)Chapter 9IPRU(INV)Chapter 1338Solvency statementNo standard format (note 11)No standard format (note 20)No standard format (note 11)38Balance