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The strategies, policies, processes and systems referred to in BIPRU 12.3.4 R must be proportionate to the complexity, risk profile and scope of operation of the firm, and the liquidity risk tolerance set by the firm'sgoverning body in accordance with BIPRU 12.3.8 R, and must reflect the firm's importance in each EEA State, in which it carries on business2.[Note: annex V paragraph 14a of the Banking Consolidation Directive]2
BIPRU 12.4.11RRP
In order to deal with liquidity crises, a firm must have in place contingencyplans setting out adequate strategies and proper implementation measures in order to address possible liquidity shortfalls. Those plans must be regularly tested, updated on the basis of the outcome of the alternative scenarios set out in BIPRU 12.4.-1 R, and be reported to and approved by the firm'sgoverning body, so that internal policies and processes can be adjusted accordingly.22[Note: annex V paragraph