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When an advanced measurement approach is intended to be used by an EEA parent institution and its subsidiary undertakings or the subsidiary undertakings of an EEA parent financial holding company, the application of a firm must include a description of the methodology used for allocating operational risk capital between the different entities of the group.[Note:BCD annexX Part 3 point 30]
Where an EEA parent institution3 and its subsidiary undertakings or an EEA parent financial holding company3 and its subsidiary undertakings use the IRB approach on a unified basis, the question whether the minimum IRB standards are met is answered by considering the parent undertaking and its subsidiary undertakings together unless the firm'sIRB permission specifies otherwise.[Note: BCD Article 84(2) (part)]33
(1) To the extent that its IRB permission permits this, a firm permitted to use the IRB approach in the calculation of risk weighted exposure amounts and expected loss amounts3 for one or more IRB exposure classes may apply the standardised approach in accordance with this rule.3(2) A firm may apply the standardised approach to the IRB exposure class referred to in BIPRU 4.3.2 R (1) (Sovereigns) where the number of material counterparties is limited and it would be unduly burdensome
A firm which is a significant subsidiary of:(1) an EEA parent institution; or(2) an EEA parent financial holding company;1must disclose the information specified in BIPRU 11.5.3 R to BIPRU 11.5.4 R on an individual or sub-consolidated basis.[Note: BCD Annex XII Part 1 point 5]