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If a firm wishes to apply for a waiver or an Article 129 permission to use the CCR internal model method, it must complete and submit the form in BIPRU 1 Annex 3D D.
Where a firm applies for a VaR model permission, the firm must state whether it is making an application for a waiver or an Article 129 permission.
In respect of the application for waivers to apply the approaches set out in BIPRU 1.3.2 G (1), the appropriate regulator will aim to give decisions on applications as soon as practicable. However, the appropriate regulator expects that it will take a significant period to determine and give a decision due to the complexity of the issues raised by the applications. Details of timelines for applications for waivers to use advanced approaches and under the Article 129 procedure
Before sending in an application for a waiver or Article 129 permission, a firm may find it helpful to discuss the application with its usual supervisory contact at the appropriate regulator. However, the firm should still ensure that all relevant information is included in the application.