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The trading book of a firm consists of all position in CRD financial instrument and commodities held either with trading intent or in order to hedge other elements of the trading book and which are either free of any restrictive covenants on their tradability or able to be hedged.[Note: CAD Article 11(1)]
(1) An internal hedge is a position that materially or completely offsets the component risk element of a non-trading bookposition or a set of position. Positions arising from internal hedges are eligible for trading book capital treatment, provided that they are held with trading intent and that the general criteria on trading intent and prudent valuation specified in BIPRU 1.2.12 R and the trading book systems and controls rules. In particular:(a) internal hedges must not be
By way of derogation from 1BIPRU 1.2.14 R to BIPRU 1.2.15 R, when a firm hedges a non-trading book credit risk exposure using a credit derivative booked in its trading book (using an internal hedge), the non-trading book exposure is not deemed to be hedged for the purposes of calculating capital requirements unless the firm purchases from an eligible third party protection provider a credit derivative meeting the requirements set out in BIPRU 5.7.13 R (Additional requirements
BIPRU 14.2.10RRP
Where a credit derivative included in the trading book forms part of an internal hedge and the credit protection is recognised under the BCD3, there is deemed to be no counterparty risk arising from the position in the credit derivative. Alternatively, a firm may consistently include for the purposes of calculating capital requirements for counterparty credit risk all credit derivatives included in the trading book forming part of internal hedges or purchased as protection against