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The purpose of the 5Code of Practice for Approved Persons is to help an approved person5 to determine whether or not that person's5 conduct complies with a Statement of Principle. The code sets out descriptions of conduct which, in the FCA's opinion, do or5 do not comply with the relevant Statements of Principle. The code also sets out certain factors which, in the opinion of the FCA, are to be taken into account in determining whether an approved person's conduct complies with
The Code of Practice for Approved Persons (and in particular the specific examples of behaviour which may be in breach of a generic description of conduct in the code) is not exhaustive of the kind of conduct that may contravene the Statements of Principle. The purpose of the code is to help determine whether or not a person's conduct complies with a Statement of Principle. The code may be supplemented from time to time. The FCA5 will amend the code if there is a risk that unacceptable