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Table: Examples of what activities APER3 covers

FCA approved

Coverage of APER3

(1) Yes, in relation to firm A

Applies to the FCA controlled function. Also applies to any other function performed for firm A in relation to the carrying on by firm A of a regulated activity even if it is not a controlled function.3

(2) Yes, in relation to firm A. No, in relation to firm B,

In relation to firm A, the answer is the same as for scenario (1). However, APER does not apply to any function that the approved person carries on in relation to firm B even if that function relates to regulated activities carried out by firm B. However, if the function that they perform3 in relation to firm B is a controlled function the approved person and firm B may be subject to legal sanctions (see SUP 10A.13.1G to SUP 10A.13.2G).3

SUP 10A.17.2GRP
If the firm or its advisers have further questions, they should contact the FCA's Contact Centre (see SUP 10A.12.6 G).
SYSC 22.9.5GRP
(1) SYSC 22.9.1R applies to keeping records created before the date this chapter came into force as well as ones created afterwards.(2) An SMCR firm2 does not breach the requirements of this chapter by failing to include something in a reference or by failing to have records2 because it destroyed the relevant records before the date this chapter came into force in accordance with the record keeping requirements applicable to it at the time of destruction.(3) (1) also applies to