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The appropriate regulator does not assume that all portfolios are sensitive to downturns. The appropriate regulator also accepts that for some portfolios, particularly in unsecured lending, the impact of the material drivers on LGD may be weak. However the burden is on the firm to demonstrate that its models are appropriate for the circumstances in which they are applied.
PERG 2.6.30GRP
11In accordance with article 60B (3) of the Regulated Activities Order, a credit agreement is an agreement between an individual ("A") and any other person ("B") under which B provides A with credit of any amount. In accordance with article 36H (10) of the Regulated Activities Order, rights under an article 36H agreement are also specified investments. The definition of an article 36H agreement is set out in PERG 2.7.7H G. In addition and in accordance with article 53(5) of the