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SUP 13.4.8GRP
(1) 18A UK MiFID investment firm is required to submit an investment services and activities passport notification to the FCA by completing the form in Annex I of MiFID ITS 4A. The firm should complete a separate form for each EEA State it wishes to provide services into.[Note: article 4(1) of MiFID ITS 4A](2) A UK MiFID investment firm wishing to provide investment services or activities through a tied agent established in the UK is required to send an investment services and
The contact point in CREDS 9.2.1 R5 can be by name or job title and may include, for example, a telephone number.
(1) 2A SRB intermediary must for each regulated sale and rent back agreement in relation to which it carries on regulated sale and rent back mediation activity keep a record of the contact details of the provider that enters into or is proposed to enter into the agreement, making it clear whether the provider is a SRB agreement provider or an unauthorised SRB agreement provider.(2) The record in (1) must be retained for a period of one year, or one year from the end of the fixed
TC 2.1.33GRP
17The Retail Investment Adviser Competence Notification Form approved by the FCA for notifications under TC 2.1.31 R may be found at the FCA's website
SUP 10C.9.9GRP
Table: Examples of how the need for dual FCA and PRA approval in relation to PRA-authorised persons is reduced1ExampleWhether FCA approval requiredWhether PRA approval requiredComments(1) A is appointed as chief risk officer and an executive director.No. A4 is not treated as performing the executive director function.4YesChief risk officer is a PRA-designated senior management function. A’s functions as a director will be included in the PRA-designated senior management function.
The effect of BIPRU 12.1.4R is therefore to require the firm to sum the values of cell entries 20A and 20B in data item FSA001 and deduct from that total the sum of the values of cell entries 42, 43 and 44 in the same data item.
SUP 16.3.7RRP
A report or data item13 must:13(1) give the firm reference number (or all the firm reference numbers in those cases where a report is submitted on behalf of a number of firms, as38 set out in SUP 16.3.25 G)13; and4040(2) if submitted in paper form, be submitted with the cover sheet contained in SUP 16 Annex 13 R4040 fully completed13.21
MAR 10.5.8GRP
1The power of the FCA referred to in MAR 10.5.2G is exercisable subject to the decision-making procedures in DEPP 2 Annex 2G (Supervisory notices) (and other provisions in DEPP, as appropriate).
SUP 15.5.9RRP
(1) 2A firm other than:55(a) a credit union; or5(b) an FCA-authorised person with permission to carry on only credit-related regulated activity;5must submit any notice under6SUP 15.5.1R, SUP 15.5.4Rand9SUP 15.5.5 R3 by submitting the form in SUP 15 Ann 3R online at the FCA's4 website.999(2) A credit union or an FCA-authorised person with permission to carry on only credit-related regulated activity (other than a firm with only an interim permission to which the modifications to
SUP 16.10.5GRP
The firm details are made available to the firm when the firm logs into the appropriate section of the FCA’s website. The firm should check the firm details and send any corrections to the FCA.15 The FCA’s preferred method of receiving corrections to firm details is by the online forms available at the FCA’s website.1310161613101616101616131016162
3To the extent that a firm4 has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FCA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of that direction.444
SUP 16.20.6RRP
2A firm must submit its recovery plan and the information required for its resolution plan to the FCA online through the appropriate systems accessible from the FCA’s website, using the forms specified in SUP 16 Annex 40R.
SUP 12.1.1CGRP
5 For an EEA MiFID investment firm, in our view, rules in this chapter that are within the scope of MiFID apply only to its MiFID business to the extent they relate to the knowledge and competence of one or more of its UK tied agents. An EEA MiFID investment firm should complete the Appointed representative appointment form in SUP 12 Annex 3R when appointing a UK tied agent to carry on MiFID business on its behalf. [Note: article 29(3) of MiFID]
SUP 16.15.8DRP
The table below sets out the format, reporting frequency and due date for submission in relation to regulatory returns that apply to electronic money issuers that are not credit institutions.(1)Type of electronic money issuer(2)Return(3)Format(4)Reporting Frequency(5)Due date (Note 4)Authorised electronic money institution (Note 1)EMI and SEMI Questionnaire 3FIN0603Annual 3 (Note 3)30 business days33333Small electronic money institutions (Note 2)EMI and SEMI Questionnaire 3FIN0603Annual3
4A firm that makes an application to the FCA for a waiver in accordance with articles 4 or 9 of MiFIR (in relation to pre-trade transparency for equity or non-equity instruments) must make it in the form set out in MAR 5 Annex 1D. [Note: articles 4 and 9 of MiFIR, MiFID RTS 1 and MiFID RTS 2]
SUP 15.12.1RRP
A firm must notify the FCA, using the form in SUP 15 Annex 8R, where:(a) in any 12-month period, it has upheld three complaints about matters relating to activities carried out by any one employee when acting as a retail investment adviser; or(b) it has upheld a complaint about matters relating to activities carried out by any one employee when acting as a retail investment adviser, where the redress paid exceeds £50,000.(2) A notification made under (1)(a) must be made by the
LR 8.7.7ARRP
7Written confirmation must be provided by submitting a completed Sponsor Annual Notification Form to the FCA at the FCA's address.[Note: The Sponsor Annual Notification Form can be found on the UKLA section of the FCA's website.]
2For the purpose of BIPRU 12.6.6 R, a firm must calculate:(1) its total assets by reference to its most recent FSA001 data item; and (2) its retail loans as the total of its lending to the retail sector recorded in cell 11A in its most recent FSA015 data item.
If the Part 4A permission of a firm contains a requirement obliging it to comply with this rule with respect to a third-country banking and investment group of which it is a member, it must comply, with respect to that third-country banking and investment group, with the rules in Part 2 of GENPRU 3 Annex 2, as adjusted by Part 3 of that annex.
SUP 13A.4.5RRP
5An incoming EEA firm that is exercising an EEA right under the auction regulation to establish a branch in the United Kingdom must submit the form in SUP 13A Annex 4 R prior to its establishment of that branch or whenever possible thereafter.