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Some typical examples where the business test is unlikely to be satisfied are:(1) when an individual enters into or administers a one-off mortgage securing a loan to a friend or member of his family whether at market interest rates or not; or(2) when a person provides a service without any expectation of reward or payment of any kind, such as advice given or arrangements made by many Citizens Advice Bureaux and other voluntary sector agencies (but see PERG 4.3.8G (3) where payment
DISP App 3.6.2ERP
In the absence of evidence to the contrary, the firm should presume that the complainant would not have bought the payment protection contract he bought if the sale was substantially flawed, for example where the firm:(1) pressured the complainant into purchasing the payment protection contract; or(2) did not disclose to the complainant, in good time before the sale was concluded, and in a way that was fair, clear and not misleading, that the policy was optional; or(3) made the
If the regulated mortgage contract has any linked borrowing or linked deposits, details of the charges on these linked facilities, for example charges payable on a linked current account, must be included in the firm'stariff of charges.