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(1) MCOB 6.1 to MCOB 6.6 (with the modifications stated in MCOB 9.5.2 R to MCOB 9.5.4 R) apply to an equity release provider where the home finance transaction is an equity release transaction, except that those provisions that by their nature are only relevant to regulated mortgage contracts do not apply to home reversion plans (see MCOB 9.1.2A G).3(2) The table in MCOB 9.5.2 R shows how the relevant rules and guidance in MCOB 6 must be modified by replacing the cross-references
This section applies to a firm carrying on any home financing or home finance administration connected to regulated mortgage contracts, unless as at 26 April 2014 its Part 4A permission was and continues to remain subject to a restriction preventing it from undertaking new home financing or home finance administration connected to regulated mortgage contracts.
2CONC 3.7.5 R to CONC 3.7.8 G:(1) apply to a financial promotion or a communication with a customer in relation to credit broking whether or not it is in relation to a regulated credit agreement; but(2) do not apply to a financial promotion or a communication with a customer which clearly indicates that it is made solely in respect of credit broking in relation to a credit agreement secured by a legal or equitable mortgage on land.
(1) 6Paragraph (2) applies in relation to an individual who:(a) has provided, or is to provide, a guarantee or an indemnity (or both) in relation to a regulated credit agreement, a regulated consumer hire agreement or a P2P agreement; and (b) is not the borrower or the hirer.(2) If the individual is not a customer, they are to be treated as if they were a customer for the purposes of Principles 6 and 7.(3) For the purposes of this rule, a guarantee does not include a legal or

This table belongs to MCOB 5.1.4G

Type of mortgage

Requirements that do not apply

Additional or alternative requirements

Multi-part mortgages

MCOB 5.6.42 R (3)

MCOB 5.6.46 R

MCOB 5.6.28 R

MCOB 5.6.54 R - MCOB 5.6.57 G

Foreign currency mortgages


MCOB 5.6.127 R - MCOB 5.6.128 R6

Deferred interest rate mortgages


MCOB 5.6.132 R

Mortgages without a term or regular payment plan

MCOB 5.6.31 R

MCOB 5.6.40 R - MCOB 5.6.57 G

MCOB 5.6.59 R - MCOB 5.6.65 R

MCOB 5.6.32 R

MCOB 5.6.134 R - MCOB 5.6.145 R

7Retirement interest- only mortgages

MCOB 5.6.31R

MCOB 5.6.52R(1)

MCOB 5.6.52R(4)

MCOB 5.6.140RMCOB 5.6.145R

MCOB 5.6.32R

MCOB 5.6.59RMCOB 5.6.65R

The FCA believes that an average reduction in property sales prices of 40% from their peak price, prior to the market downturn, forms an appropriate reference point when assessing downturn LGD for UK mortgage portfolios. This reduction captures both a fall in the value of the property due to house price deflation, as well as a distressed forced sale discount.
A person may be intending to carry on activities related to other forms of investment in connection with mortgages, such as advising on and arranging an endowment policy or ISA to repay an interest-only mortgage. Such a person should also consult the guidance in PERG 2 (Authorisation and regulated activities),2PERG 5 (Guidance on insurance distribution3 activities) and PERG 8 (Financial promotion and related activities). In addition, PERG 14 (Guidance on home reversion and home
CONC 4.2.22RRP
(1) 4This rule applies if:(a) a firm is to enter into a regulated credit agreement; and(b) an individual other than the borrower (in this rule referred to as “the guarantor”) is to provide a guarantee or an indemnity (or both) in relation to the regulated credit agreement.(2) The firm must, before making the regulated credit agreement, provide the guarantor with an adequate explanation of the matters in (3) in order to place the guarantor in a position to make an informed decision
MCOB 4.10.11RRP
1A risks and features statement need not be personalised to the customer's circumstances but must:(1) include the Key facts logo in a prominent position at the top of the statement;(2) state that the FCA requires a firm to provide the statement;(3) state that mortgages are available and that the customer should think carefully about the product appropriate to his needs;(4) describe the significant features of the plan, including:(a) how the home purchase plan works;(b) the nature
(1) Where a financial promotion concerns a facility for which security is or may be required, the promotion must:(a) state that security is or may be required; and(b) specify the nature of the security.[Note: regulation 7(1) of CCAR 2004](2) Where, in the case of a financial promotion, the security comprises or may comprise a mortgage or charge on a property used by the customer as a dwelling (whether or not the customer’s primary residence)4:(a) except where (c) applies, the
DISP App 1.1.1GRP
This appendix sets out the approach and standards which firms should use when investigating complaints relating to the sale of endowment policies for the purposes of achieving capital repayment of a mortgage. It is not intended to be comprehensive. It is primarily concerned with the assessment of whether the complainant may have suffered financial loss, and if so, how much that loss is, and therefore what amount a firm should consider offering by way of fair and appropriate compensation
COLL 8.4.12RRP
The following limits apply in respect of immovables held as part of the scheme property:(1) the amount secured by mortgages over any immovable must not exceed 100% of the latest valuation by an appropriate valuer under COLL 8.4.11 R (2)(c) or COLL 8.4.11 R (2)(d) or COLL 8.4.13 R, as appropriate;(2) no option may be granted to a person to buy or obtain an interest in any immovable comprised in the scheme property if this might unduly prejudice the ability to provide redemption;

This table belongs to MCOB 8.1.1 R

(1) Category of firm

(2) Applicable section

equity release provider4


whole chapter except MCOB 8.5A5 and MCOB 8.74, MCOB 8.6A in accordance with MCOB 8.1.2A R5

equity release adviser4


whole chapter MCOB 8.7 does not apply in relation to a lifetime mortgage4


equity release arranger4


whole chapter except MCOB 8.5A.5MCOB 8.7 does not apply in relation to a lifetime mortgage4

A firm must ensure that advice provided to a customer, whether before the firm has entered into contract with the customer or after, is provided in a durable medium and: (1) makes clear which debts will be included in any debt solution and which debts will be excluded from any debt solution; [Note: paragraph 3.38j of DMG](2) makes clear the actual or potential advantages, disadvantages, costs and risks of each option available to the customer, with any conditions that apply for
To be an eligible complainant a person must also have a complaint which arises from matters relevant to one or more of the following relationships with the respondent:122(1) the complainant is (or was) a customer,624payment service user3 or electronic money holder624 of the respondent;(2) the complainant is (or was) a potential customer,624payment service user3 or electronic money holder624 of the respondent;(2A) the complainant is (or was) a payer in a payment transaction in
SUP 16.11.2GRP
(1) The purpose of this section2 is to set out the requirements for firms in the retail mortgage, investment, consumer credit lending8 and pure protection contract markets specified in SUP 16.11.1 R to report individual product sales data, and to report individual performance data on regulated mortgage contracts,7 to the FCA16. In the case of firms in the sale and rent back market, there is a requirement to record, but not to submit, sales data13. These requirements apply6 whether
If the firm is a home finance intermediary that is not subject to MIPRU 3.2.9A R, then the minimum limit of indemnity is the higher of 10% of annual income up to £1 million, and:11(1) for a single claim, £100,000; or(2) in aggregate, £500,000.
Where it is known that a loan will be released in instalments, for example in the case of a self-build mortgage, the loan can involve a binding offer, ESIS and the reflection period either for:(1) the full amount; or(2) an initial amount, which would be replaced by a binding offer, an ESIS and reflection period for a larger amount and so on.
A business illustration or high net worth illustration3provided to a customer must:(1) use the headings and prescribed text in MCOB 5 Annex 1 (except as provided in MCOB 5.7) but need not follow the format;(2) include the content required by MCOB 5.6.3 R to MCOB 5.6.128 R4 (except MCOB 5.6.5 R, MCOB 5.6.101 R, MCOB 5.6.109 R to MCOB 5.6.112 G, MCOB 5.6.120 R and MCOB 5.6.121 R);14(3) use the key facts logo followed by the text 'about this [term used by the firm to describe the
(1) A buy-to-let credit agreement means either:(a) a contract that at the time it is entered into has the following characteristics:(i) a lender provides credit to an individual or trustees (the 'borrower');(ii) the contract provides for the obligation of the borrower to repay to be secured by a mortgage on land in the EEA;(iii) at least 40% of that land is used, or is intended to be used, as or in connection with a dwelling2 (or, where trustees are the borrower, by an individual