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GEN 7.1.2RRP
This chapter applies where a firm operates a telephone line for the purpose of enabling a consumer to contact the firm in relation to a contract that has been entered into with the firm in the course of, or in connection with:(1) regulated activities; or(2) payment services.
GEN 7.1.8GRP
The following provisions of CONC continue to apply where a firm operates a telephone line in respect of the relevant credit-related regulated activities but the call charges rule does not apply (for example, where a telephone line is operated for the purpose of enabling a consumer to contact the firm before a contract has been entered into):(1) CONC 2.5.8R and CONC 2.5.9G (unfair business practices: credit broking);(2) CONC 2.6.3R and CONC 2.6.4G (unfair business practices: debt
The power to impose a suspension, restriction, condition,4 limitation or disciplinary prohibition4 is a disciplinary measure which the FCA2 may use in addition to, or instead of, imposing a financial penalty or issuing a public censure. The principal purpose of imposing such a measure3 is to promote high standards of regulatory and/or market conduct by deterring persons who have committed breaches from committing further breaches, helping to deter other persons from committing
The powers to impose a suspension, restriction, condition or limitation3 in relation to authorised persons and approved persons, and to impose a disciplinary prohibition in relation to individuals,4 are disciplinary measures;2 where the FCA2 considers it necessary to take action, for example, to protect consumers from an authorised person, the FCA2 will seek to cancel or vary the authorised person'spermissions. If the FCA2 has concerns with a person's fitness to be approved, and
EG 19.9.3RP
1However, there are likely to be circumstances in which the FCA will need to use the electronic commerce activity direction power. Examples could include where it was necessary to stop the behaviour complained of, or to make the continued provision of services by the incoming ECA provider conditional upon compliance with specified requirements. Overall, the FCA may use the direction power: (1) where: (a) the behaviour complained of was causing, or had the potential to cause,
EG 19.9.10RP
1When deciding what information, if any, to publish and the appropriate manner of publication, the FCA will consider the full circumstances of each case. The FCA anticipates that it will generally be appropriate to publish relevant details of a direction, in order to protect and inform consumers. However, in accordance with the Regulation 10(9) prohibition, it will not publish information if it considers that publication would be unfair to the provider or prejudicial to the interests
Where a firm provides services to a consumer by way of a distance contract, the firm must provide the consumer with the following information in a durable medium in good time before the distance contract has been agreed:(1) the information which is required by MCOB 4.4A.1 R to MCOB 4.4A.8A R;22(2) whether or not the firm will be providing the consumer with advice;(3) the name and the main business of the firm, the geographical address at which it is established and any other geographical
(1) MCOB 4.4A.18 R contains the additional disclosure requirements for firms providing mortgage mediation activities to a consumer by way of a distance contract. MCOB 4.5 and MCOB 4.6 contain further rules and guidance applicable where firms enter into a distance contract in respect of their home finance mediation activities independent of any contractual arrangement with a consumer relating to a particular home finance transaction or transactions.(2) There is guidance on distance
(1) 2An MCD mortgage lender or an MCD credit intermediary may comply with MCOB 4.4A.18R (3) and (5) to MCOB 4.4A.18R (9) by providing an ESIS to the consumer prior to the conclusion of the MCD regulated mortgage contract. (2) Provided that the provisions of MCOB 4.4A on the methods and timing of disclosure are complied with, an MCD mortgage lender or an MCD credit intermediary may comply with MCOB 4.4A.18R (1), (2) and MCOB 4.4A.18R (4) by providing the necessary information in
EG 13.9.1RP
1The FCA recognises that the bankruptcy of an individual or the sequestration of an individual's estate are significant measures which may have significant personal and professional implications for the individual involved. In considering whether to present a petition the FCA's principal considerations will be its statutory objectives including the protection of consumers.
EG 13.9.5RP
1If the FCA believes that the individual is insolvent, the factors it will consider when it decides whether to seek a bankruptcy order or sequestration award include: (1) whether others have taken steps to deal with the individual's insolvency, including a proposal by the individual of a voluntary arrangement, a petition by the individual for his own bankruptcy or sequestration, or a petition by a third party for the individual's bankruptcy or the sequestration of the individual's
(1) Where, in relation to a regulated mortgage contract for a business purpose or a high net worth mortgage customer3 who is not a consumer under an MCD regulated mortgage contract4, a customer either:(a) seeks an immediate increase in the borrowing provided under the regulated mortgage contract; or(b) overdraws on the borrowing under the regulated mortgage contract;the further advance rules in MCOB 7.6.7 R to MCOB 7.6.17 R do not apply.(2) Where (1) applies, the firm must within
Where a customer applies for a further advance that is a regulated mortgage contract for a business purpose or a high net worth mortgage customer3 who is not a consumer under an MCD regulated mortgage contract4 and MCOB 7.7.1 R does not apply:(1) the business illustration or high net worth illustration3must be based upon the total borrowing; and(2) MCOB 7.6.9 R to MCOB 7.6.10 G and MCOB 7.6.12 G do not apply.
EG 2.2.4RP
3This does not mean that the FCA will only take enforcement action in priority strategic areas. There will always be particularly serious cases where enforcement action is necessary, ad hoc cases of particular significance in a markets, consumer protection or financial crime context, or cases that the FCA thinks are necessary to achieve effective deterrence.
EG 2.2.6RP
In all cases, before 4it proceeds with an investigation, the FCA will satisfy itself that there are grounds to investigate under the statutory provisions that give the FCA powers to appoint investigators. Another consideration will be whether the FCA has any agreements in place regarding taking5 action on behalf of, or otherwise providing5 assistance to, other authorities5. EG 2.5.14discusses the position where other authorities may have an interest in a case. If the statutory
The following factors may be relevant to determining the appropriate length of the period of suspension, restriction,4 condition or disciplinary prohibition4 to be imposed on a person under the Act:3(1) DeterrenceWhen determining the appropriate length of the period of suspension, restriction,4 condition or disciplinary prohibition4 the FCA2 will have regard to the principal purpose for which it imposes sanctions, namely to promote high standards of regulatory and/or market conduct
The FCA2 may delay the commencement of the period of suspension,4 restriction or disciplinary prohibition4. In deciding whether this is appropriate, the FCA2 will take into account all the circumstances of a case. Considerations that may be relevant in respect of an authorised person, sponsor or primary information provider2 include:22(1) the impact of the suspension or restriction on consumers;(2) any practical measures the authorised person, sponsor or primary information provider2
The general law, including the Unfair Terms Regulations (for contracts entered into before 1 October 2015) and the CRA, 2also limits the scope for a firm to exclude or restrict any duty or liability to a consumer.
3An insurer must ensure that any condition or warranty included in a policy with a consumer:(1) has operative effect only in relation to the types of crystallised risk covered by the policy that are connected to that condition or warranty; and(2) (for a warranty in a pure protection contract) is material to the risks to which it relates and is drawn to the customer’s attention before the conclusion of the contract.
EG 13.11.1RP
1When it decides whether to make an application for an order against debt avoidance pursuant to section 375 of the Act, the FCA will consider all relevant factors, including the following: (1) the extent to which the relevant transactions involved dealings in consumers' funds; (2) whether it would be appropriate to petition for a winding up order, bankruptcy order, or sequestration award, in relation to the debtor and the extent to which the transaction could
An MCD mortgage credit intermediary must accurately submit any relevant information obtained from the consumer to the MCD mortgage lender to enable an assessment of affordability to be carried out.[Note: article 20(2) of the MCD]
This chapter applies to an offer made by a firm to a consumer with a view to the firm:(1) entering into an MCD mortgage contract; (2) varying the terms of an MCD mortgage contract entered into by the consumer in any of the following ways:(a) adding or removing a party;(b) making a further advance; or(c) switching all or part of the MCD regulated mortgage contract from one interest rate to another;(whether or not the consumer agrees to enter into the MCD regulated mortgage contract
EG 6.5.2RP
1The FCA considers it generally appropriate to publish details of its successful applications to the court for civil remedies including injunctions or restitution orders. For example, where the court has ordered an injunction to prohibit further illegal regulated activity, the FCA thinks it is appropriate to publicise this to tell consumers of the position and help them avoid dealing with the person who is the subject of the injunction. Similarly, a restitution order may be publicised
(1) MCOB 5A amplifies Principle 6 and Principle 7.(2) The purpose of MCOB 5A is to ensure that, before a consumer submits an application for a particular MCD regulated mortgage contract, they are supplied with information that makes clear: (a) its features, any linked deposits, any linked borrowing and any tied products; and (b) the price that the consumer will be required to pay under that contract, to enable the consumer to make a well-informed purchasing decision.(3) MCOB 5A
When giving notice to a consumer of any changes that the consumer is required to make resulting from interest-rate changes for an MCD regulated mortgage contract, a firm must:(1) give notice of the amount of the payments to be made after the new interest-rate change takes effect; and(2) where the number or frequency of the payments will change, give particulars of these changes.[Note: article 27(1) of the MCD]
An MCD mortgage lender must not cancel, or vary the terms of, an MCD regulated mortgage contract to the detriment of the consumer on the grounds that the assessment of affordability was incorrectly conducted or the information provided by the consumer prior to the agreement of the MCD regulated mortgage contract was incomplete. However, this does not apply where the MCD mortgage lender can demonstrate that the consumer knowingly withheld or falsified information relevant to the
Any communication required by MCOB 6A to be given to a consumer by a firm must be in a durable medium.[Note: article 14(3) of the MCD]
GEN 4.4.1RRP
(1) If, in any communication:(a) made to:222(i) 2(in relation to a non-investment insurance contract) aconsumer4;4(ii) 2(in relation to a home finance transaction) a customer; or(iii) 2(in all other cases) a retail client3; and3(b) in connection with a regulated activity carried on from an establishment of the firm (or its appointed representative) that is not in the United Kingdom;the firm indicates that it is an authorised person, it must also, where relevant, and with equal
(1) If a consumer notifies a firm that they wish to discharge their obligations under an MCD regulated mortgage contract prior to its expiry, the firm must provide the consumer, without delay, with the information necessary to allow them to consider that option.(2) The information under (1) must:(a) quantify the implications for the consumer of discharging their obligations prior to the expiry of the MCD regulated mortgage contract; and (b) clearly set out any assumptions that
This chapter helps in achieving the statutory objective of protecting consumers by ensuring consumers have access to up-to-date detailed information about an authorised fund particularly before buying units and thereafter an appropriate level of investor involvement exists by providing a framework for them to:(1) participate in the decisions on key issues concerning the authorised fund; and(2) be sent regular and relevant information about the authorised fund.