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A person may be intending to carry on activities related to other forms of investment in connection with mortgages, such as advising on and arranging an endowment policy or ISA to repay an interest-only mortgage. Such a person should also consult the guidance in PERG 2 (Authorisation and regulated activities),2PERG 5 (Guidance on insurance distribution3 activities) and PERG 8 (Financial promotion and related activities). In addition, PERG 14 (Guidance on home reversion and home
MAR 4.3.3GRP
(1) Where a restriction under MAR 4.3.1 R applies, among other things the firm is prevented from carrying on any designated investment business activity, or communicating or approving any financial promotion, in connection with a transaction to which the Takeover Code applies.1(2) Where a restriction under MAR 4.3.1 R applies, the firm is not prevented from carrying on other activities (including regulated activities) in relation to that person. This includes designated investment