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MCOB 13.4.3GRP
(1) A firm may provide the information in MCOB 13.4.1 R (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6) orally, for example by telephone, but must provide the information in a durable medium with a copy of the Money Advice Service3 information sheet “Problems3 paying your mortgage” 23within 15 business days of becoming aware of the customer's account falling into arrears.23(2) Where a firm provides the information in MCOB 13.4.1 R when a payment shortfall4 occurs but before the customer's account
CONC 7.12.3GRP
(1) CONC 1.2.2 R requires a firm to ensure its employees and agents comply with CONC and that it takes reasonable steps to ensure other persons who act on its behalf do so. This rule would apply where a debt collector acts as agent or on behalf of a lender.(2) Situations where it may be justified for a firm to refuse to deal with a person acting on behalf of a customer may include, for example, refusing to deal with that person where the firm is able to show that the person has
EG 10.6.9RP
1In deciding whether to grant an a final injunction under Schedule 3 to the CRA, the court will decide whether the term or notice in question is unfair, purportedly restrictive or exclusionary or non-transparent within the meaning of the CRA. The court may grant an injunction on such terms as it sees fit. For example, it may require the person to stop including a term in contracts with consumers or issuing, publishing, communicating or announcing a notice to consumers from the