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APER 4.6.12GRP
(1) It is important for the approved person performing an accountable higher management function1 to understand the business for which they are1 responsible (APER 4.6.4G1). An approved person performing an accountable higher management function1 is unlikely to be an expert in all aspects of a complex financial services business. However, they1 should understand and inform themselves1 about the business sufficiently to understand the risks of its trading, credit or other business
SUP 9.3.1GRP
Business and internal control risks vary from firm to firm, according to the nature and complexity of the business. The FCA's assessment of these risks is reflected in how its rules apply to different categories of firm as well as in the use of its other regulatory tools. One of the tools the FCA has available is to give a firm individual guidance on the application of the requirements or standards under the regulatory system in the firm's particular circumstances.
SYSC 14.1.29AGRP
10When determining the adequacy of its internal controls, a firm should consider both the potential risks that might hinder the achievement of the objectives listed in SYSC 14.1.28 G, and the extent to which it needs to control these risks. More specifically, this should normally include consideration of:(1) the appropriateness of its reporting and communication lines (see SYSC 3.2.2 G);(2) how the delegation or contracting of functions or activities to employees, appointed representatives
EG 19.14.6RP
1The FCA will adopt a risk-based approach to its enforcement under2 the Money Laundering Regulations. Failures in anti-money laundering or counter-terrorist financing2 controls will not automatically result in disciplinary sanctions, although enforcement action is more likely where a firm has not taken adequate steps to identify its2 risks or put in place appropriate controls to mitigate those risks, and failed to take steps to ensure that controls are being effectively implemented.
A firm or qualifying parent undertaking must notify the FCA by sending an e-mail to its usual supervisory contact.
9When determining under section 66A(5)(d) of the Act whether or not an SMF manager has taken such steps as a person in their position could reasonably be expected to take to avoid the contravention of a relevant requirement by the firm occurring (or continuing), additional considerations to which the FCA would expect to have regard include, but are not limited to:(1) the role and responsibilities of the SMF manager (for example, such steps as an SMF manager in a non-executive