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Firms are reminded that the list in MCOB 4.7A.6 R is not exhaustive. For certain customers there may be additional considerations to explore beyond those described in that rule; for example, in the case of a business loan or a regulated mortgage contract for a high net worth mortgage customer.
(1) When explaining the implications of a change, a firm should explain any changes to the benefits and significant or unusual exclusions arising from the change.(2) Firms will need to consider whether mid-term changes are compatible with the original policy, in particular whether it reserves the right to vary premiums, charges or other terms. Firms also need to ensure that any terms which reserve the right to make variations are not themselves unfair under the Unfair Terms Regulations
CASS 10.1.5GRP
(1) The rules in this chapter specify the types of documents and records that must be maintained in a firm'sCASS resolution pack and the retrieval period for the pack. The firm should maintain the component documents of the CASS resolution pack in order for them to be retrieved in accordance with CASS 10.1.7 R, and should not use the retrieval period to start producing these documents.(2) The contents of the documents that constitute the CASS resolution pack will change from time
The instructions referred to at CASS 8.2.1 R (4) are all instructions given by a firm to another person who also has a relationship with the firm'sclient. For example, the other person may be the client'sbank, intermediary, custodian or credit card provider. This means, for example, that any means by which a firm can control a client's money or assets for which it is itself responsible to the client (rather than any other person) would not amount to a mandate. This includes where
EG 19.14.3RP
1The Money Laundering Regulations add to the range of options available to the FCA for dealing with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing 2 failures. These options include2:• to prosecute a relevant person, including but not limited to an 2authorised firm, an 2Annex I financial institution or an auction platform, as well as any responsible officer2;2• to fine or censure a relevant person, including but not limited to an2 authorised firm, an2 Annex I financial institution
EG 2.9.2RP
1Guidance is not binding on those to whom the FCA'srules apply. Nor are the variety of materials (such as case studies showing good or bad practice, FCA speeches, and generic letters written by the FCA to Chief Executives in particular sectors) published to support the rules and guidance in the Handbook. Rather, such materials are intended to illustrate ways (but not the only ways) in which a person can comply with the relevant rules.
CASS 7.15.8GRP
Firms are reminded that they must, under SYSC 6.1.1 R, establish, implement and maintain adequate policies and procedures sufficient to ensure compliance of the firm with the rules under this chapter. This should include, for example, establishing and maintaining policies and procedures concerning:(1) the frequency and method of the reconciliations the firm is required to carry out under this section; (2) the resolution of reconciliation discrepancies under this section; and(3)