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SUP 16.23.2RRP
Unless a firm is listed in the table below, this section does not apply to it where both of the following conditions are satisfied:(1) the firm has reported total revenue of less than £5 million as at its last accounting reference date; and(2) the firm only has permission to carry on one or more of the following activities:(a) advising on investments;(b) dealing in investments as agent;(c) dealing in investments as principal;(d) arranging (bringing about deals) in investments;(e)
General guidance on the perimeter is also contained in various FCA documents (mainly fact sheets and frequently asked questions) that are available on the FCA website at documents, and the URL on which they may be accessed, include:(1) [deleted]612446(2) [deleted]212(3) [deleted](4) [deleted]313(5) [deleted]313(6) [deleted]313(7) guidance about the position under the Insurance Mediation Directive and the Regulated Activities Order of the company appointed
COLL 11.6.13RRP
Where the authorised fund manager of a feeder UCITS gives notice to the FCA under section 251 or section 261Q1 of the Act or regulation 21 of the OEIC Regulations that it intends to wind up the scheme, it must inform:(1) the unitholders of the feeder UCITS; and(2) where notice is given under COLL 11.6.5R (4) (Application for approval by a feeder UCITS where a master UCITS merges or divides), the authorised fund manager of the master UCITS;of its intention without undue delay.[Note:
As many firms will not have dedicated, fixed portfolio resource, the first point of contact for many issues for such firms will be handled by the FCA's Contact Centre, with the aim being that fewer issues and queries will need to be referred to the supervisors. To support all firms the FCA will also provide regional workshops and road shows to clarify its expectations on these risks and issues that are particularly important to the FCA.
A UCITS management company must not engage in any activities other than:(1) [deleted]7(1A) managing a UCITS;7(1B) managing an AIF;7(1C) acting as a residual CIS operator;7(2) activities for the purposes of or in connection with those in (1A), (1B) or (1C);77(3) collective portfolio management, including without limitation:(a) investment management;(b) administration:(i) legal and fund management accounting services;(ii) customer enquiries;(iii) valuation and pricing (including
COLL 7.7.14RRP
(1) Where the receiving UCITS is a UCITS scheme, the information that its authorised fund manager must provide to its unitholders under COLL 7.7.10 R (3)(b) must also include an explanation of whether the authorised fund manager expects the merger to have any material effect on the portfolio of the receiving UCITS, and whether it intends to undertake any rebalancing of the portfolio either before or after the merger takes effect.(2) In addition to (1), the authorised fund manager
A pure reinsurer must invest its assets in accordance with the following requirements:(1) the assets must take account of the type of business carried out by the firm, in particular the nature, amount and duration of expected claims payments, in such a way as to secure the sufficiency, liquidity, security, quality, profitability and matching of its investments;(2) the firm must ensure that the assets are diversified and adequately spread and allow the firm to respond adequately
(1) A firm that manages investments for a client must establish an appropriate method of evaluation and comparison such as a meaningful benchmark, based on the investment objectives of the client and the types of designated investments included in the client portfolio, so as to enable the client to assess the firm's performance.(2) If a firm proposes to manage investments for a client6, the firm must provide the client with such of the following information as is applicable:(a)
A contravention of a rule in SYSC 11 to 2SYSC 21,7SYSC 22.8.1R, SYSC 22.9.1R or SYSC 23 to9SYSC 288 does not give rise to a right of action by a private person under section 138D of the Act (and each of those rules is specified under section 138D(3) of the Act as a provision giving rise to no such right of action). 34437
The FCA expects a firm's assessment of whether types of exposure referred to in article 128(3) of the EU CRR are associated with particularly high risk to include consideration of exposures arising out of a venture capital business (whether the firm itself carries on the venture capital business or not) . The FCA considers "venture capital business" to include the business of carrying on any of the following:(1) advising on investments, managing investments, arranging (bringing
(1) This section covers techniques relating to transferable securities and approved money-market instruments which are used for the purpose of efficient portfolio management. It3 permits the generation of additional income for the benefit of the authorised fund, and hence for its investors, by entry into stock lending transactions for the account of the authorised fund.(2) The specific method of stock lending permitted in this section is in fact not a transaction which is a loan
DEPP 2.5.18GRP
Some of the distinguishing features of notices given under enactments other than the Act are as follows: (1) [deleted]66(2) [deleted]66(3) Friendly Societies Act 1992, section 58A1: The warning notice and decision notice must set out the terms of the direction which the FCA6 proposes or has decided to give and any specification of when the friendly society is to comply with it. A decision notice given under section 58A(3) must give an indication of the society's right, given by
SUP 10A.10.3GRP
The customer function has to do with giving advice on, dealing and arranging deals in and managing investments; it has no application to banking business such as deposit taking and lending, nor to general insurance business or credit-related regulated activity1.
TC App 1.1.1RRP
1ActivityProducts/SectorsIs there an appropriate qualification4requirement?4Designated investment business carried on for a retail clientProviding basic advice1.Stakeholder products excluding a deposit-based stakeholder productNoAdvising or giving personal recommendations (as relevant)132.Giving personal recommendations on securities13 which are not stakeholder pension schemes, personal pension schemes7 or broker fundsYes3.Giving personal recommendations on derivatives13Yes24.Giving
(1) Firms to which COBS 16.4 applies are reminded that, under COBS 16.4, they are required to send to each of their clients at least once a year a statement in a durable medium of those designated investments and/or client money they hold for that client. A firm which manages investments may provide this statement in its periodic statement, as required under COBS 16.3.2(2) COBS 16.4 (Statements of client designated investments or client money) applies, in accordance with COBS
COBS 16.4.4RRP
A firm which holds designated investments or client money and is managing investments for a client may include the statement under this section in the periodic statement it provides to that client.4
This table belongs to IPRU-INV 2.1.1RTYPE OF BUSINESS ACTIVITY CHAPTER OF SOURCEBOOK (i) managing investments other than for retail clients; or Investment management firm - IPRU-INV 5(ii) OPS activity; or Investment management firm (which is an exempt CAD firm) - IPRU-INV 5 and 9(iii) [deleted] (iv) [deleted] (iva) acting as trustee or depositary of a UCITS; or (ivb) managing an AIF; or (ivc) acting as trustee
For persons who are MiFID2investment firms, the activities that must be caught by the Regulated Activities Order are those that are caught by MiFID2. To achieve this result, some of the exclusions in the Order (that will apply to persons who are not caught by MiFID2) have been made unavailable to MiFID2investment firms when they provide or perform investment services and activities. A "MiFID investment firm", for these purposes, includes credit institutions to which MiFID applies
SUP 10A.17.2GRP
If the firm or its advisers have further questions, they should contact the FCA's Contact Centre (see SUP 10A.12.6 G).