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(1) In accordance with Principle 6, this section is intended to ensure that the authorised fund manager pays due regard to its clients' interests and treats them fairly.(2) An authorised fund manager is responsible for valuing the scheme property of the authorised fund it manages and for calculating the price of units in the authorised fund. This section protects clients by:(a) setting out rules and guidance1 to ensure the prices1 of units in both a single-priced authorised fund
(1) Subject to (3), this22 section applies to the authorised fund manager and the depositary of a non-UCITS retail scheme and to an ICVC which is a non-UCITS retail scheme.(2) Where this section contains a reference to a rule in any of COLL 5.1 to COLL 5.5 , these rules and any rules to which they refer or any relevant guidance should be read as if any reference to a UCITS scheme is to a non-UCITS retail scheme.(3) Other than COLL 5.6.3R(1), 5.6.4AG, 5.6.14R, 5.6.15R, 5.6.22R(2),
This chapter (the custody rules) applies to a firm:21(1) [deleted]22(a) [deleted]22(b) [deleted]22(1A) 2when it holds financial instruments belonging to a client in the course of its MiFID business;7(1B) 2when it is safeguarding and administering investments, in the course of business that is not MiFID business;7(1C) when it is acting as trustee or depositary of an AIF; 79(1D) when it is acting as trustee or depositary of a UK UCITS16; and97(1E) in respect of any arrangement for
SUP 6.3.40GRP
DEPP9gives guidance on the FCA's26 decision making procedures including the procedures it will follow if it proposes to refuse an application for variation of Part 4A permission or for imposition or variation of a requirement26 either in whole or in part (for example, an application granted by the FCA26 but subject to limitations or requirements not applied for).92626