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COBS 6.1B.7 R does not prevent a firm from offering a promotional discount to a retail client in the form of extra units or additional investment, but a9firm that offers to facilitate, directly or through a third party, the payment of adviser charges, including6 by means of a platform service must:49(1) obtain and validate instructions from a retail client in relation to an adviser charge;(2) offer sufficient flexibility in terms of the adviser charges it facilitates; and(3) not

[deleted] [Editor’s note: The text of this provision has been moved to SYSC 24.2.6R]6

SYSC 21.1.2GRP
(1) A Chief Risk Officer should:(a) be accountable to the firm'sgoverning body for oversight of firm-wide risk management;(b) be fully independent of a firm's individual business units;(c) have sufficient authority, stature and resources for the effective execution of his responsibilities; (d) have unfettered access to any parts of the firm's business capable of having an impact on the firm's risk profile; (e) ensure that the data used by the firm to assess its risks are fit for
(1) An authorised fund manager must6 draw up a short document in English containing key investor information6 for investors:6(a) in each UCITS scheme which it manages (a key investor information document); and6(b) in each KII-compliant NURS which it manages (a NURS-KII document).6(2) The words "key investor information" must be clearly stated in the key investor information document and NURS-KII document6.(3) Key investor information must include appropriate information about
SUP 4.5.5GRP
If the actuary2 is an employee of the firm, the ordinary incentives of employment, including profit-related pay, share options or other financial interests in the firm or any associate, give rise to a conflict of interest only where they are disproportionate, or exceptional, relative to those of other employees of equivalent seniority.2
SYSC 10.1.3RRP
A firm must take all appropriate9 steps to identify and to prevent or manage9 conflicts of interest between:3(1) the firm, including its managers, employees and appointed representatives (or where applicable, 2tied agents)2, or any person directly or indirectly linked to them by control, and a client of the firm; or2(2) one client of the firm and another client;that arise or may arise in the course of the firm providing any service referred to in SYSC 10.1.1R including those
(1) This rule defines some of the terms used in the overall Pillar 2 rule. (2) Residual risk means the risk that credit risk mitigation techniques used by the firm prove less effective than expected.(3) Securitisation risk includes the risk that the own funds held by a firm for assets which it has securitised are inadequate having regard to the economic substance of the transaction, including the degree of risk transfer achieved.(4) Business risk means any risk to a firm arising
(1) This paragraph provides guidance on BIPRU 4.2.2 R and in particular BIPRU 4.2.2 R (2).(2) The IRB approach as applicable to a firm should be an integral part of its business and risk management processes and procedures to the extent that credit risk is relevant to them. It should also have a substantial influence on its decision-making and actions.21(a) particular regard should be had to the use of the IRB approach in: (i) credit approval;(ii) individual and portfolio limit
This table belongs to COLL 4.2.2 R (Publishing the prospectus).Document status1A statement that the document is the prospectus of the authorised fund valid as at a particular date (which shall be the date of the document).Authorised fund2A description of the authorised fund including:(a) its name;29(aa)its FCA product reference number (PRN);(b)whether it is an ICVC, ACS21 or an AUT;173(ba)whether it is a UCITS scheme or a non-UCITS retail scheme;17(bb)a statement that unitholders