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MAR 5A.10.1DRP
1A firm that makes an application to the FCA for a waiver in accordance with article 9 of MiFIR (in relation to pre-trade transparency for non-equity instruments) must make it in the form set out in MAR 5A Annex 1D.[Note: article 9 of MiFIR and MiFID RTS 2]
MAR 10.2.3GRP
(1) 1Regulation 17 of the MiFI Regulations regulates the position limit exemption applicable to positions in a commodity derivative held by or on behalf of a non-financial entity which are objectively measurable as reducing risks directly relating to the commercial activity of that non-financial entity, and which is approved by the FCA in accordance with the relevant criteria and procedures. Regulation 17(1) imposes an obligation on the FCA to disregard such positions, when calculating
SUP 10A.16.1DRP
(1) This direction applies to an application under Form A or Form E.(2) Subject to (2A), an1 application by a firm4must be made by submitting the Form online at using the form specified on the FCA's and PRA'sonline notification and application system3. 122(2A) An application by a firm whose application for permission or whose Part 4A permission covers only credit-related regulated activities must be made using the form in SUP 10A Annex 4 or SUP 10A Annex 8 and must
SUP 15.4.3GRP
(1) A firm other than a credit union must submit the form in SUP 15 Ann 2 R online 7 using the FCA's4online notification and application system6. 777552(2) A credit union must submit the form in SUP 15 Ann 2 R in the way set out in SUP 15.7.4 R to SUP 15.7.9 G (Form and method of notification).2(3) Where a firm is obliged to submit an application online under (1), if the FCA's4 information technology systems fail and online submission is unavailable for 24 hours or more, until
SUP 11.3.7DRP
A section 178 notice10 given to the appropriate regulator15 by a person who is acquiring control or increasing his control over a UK domestic firm, in a way described in SUP 11.4.2 R (1) to (4), or acquiring control in a way described in SUP 11.4.2A R, must contain the information and be accompanied by such documents as are required by the controllers form approved by the appropriate regulator15 for the relevant application. 4610151015
SYSC 22.9.5GRP
(1) SYSC 22.9.1R applies to keeping records created before the date this chapter came into force as well as ones created afterwards.(2) An SMCR firm2 does not breach the requirements of this chapter by failing to include something in a reference or by failing to have records2 because it destroyed the relevant records before the date this chapter came into force in accordance with the record keeping requirements applicable to it at the time of destruction.(3) (1) also applies to
SUP 13.8.1AGRP
4The effect of SUP 13.8.1 R (1) is that a firm should submit any form, notice or application under SUP 13.8.1 R (1) in the following ways:(1) A UK firm, other than a credit union, should submit it online at using the online notification and application system13. 161688(2) If the information technology systems fail and online submission is unavailable for 24 hours or more, until such time as facilities for online submission are restored, a firm should submit it
SUP 10C.9.9GRP
Table: Examples of how the need for dual FCA and PRA approval in relation to PRA-authorised persons is reduced1ExampleWhether FCA approval requiredWhether PRA approval requiredComments(1) A is appointed as chief risk officer and an executive director.No. A4 is not treated as performing the executive director function.4YesChief risk officer is a PRA-designated senior management function. A’s functions as a director will be included in the PRA-designated senior management function.