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(1) MCOB 4.8A.7 R does not apply in the case of a variation of a regulated mortgage contract, provided that:(a) the variation would not involve the customer taking on additional borrowing beyond the amount currently outstanding under the existing regulated mortgage contract, other than to finance any product fee or arrangement fee for the proposed new or varied contract;4(b) where the variation will (in whole or part) change from one interest rate to another, the firm has presented
A firm must not enter into or arrange an execution-only sale for a regulated mortgage contract unless, except as provided in MCOB 4.8A.15 R:(1) for a new regulated mortgage contract not falling within MCOB 4.8A.10 R, the customer has identified the regulated mortgage contract he wishes to purchase, specifying to the firm at least the following information:(a) the name of the mortgage lender;(b) the rate of interest;(c) the interest rate type (that is, whether fixed, variable or
PERG 4.11.17GRP
In the FCA's view, in circumstances other than those excluded by article 72(5D) of the Regulated Activities Order, the need for an overseas lender to be authorised or to have an exemption will depend on the location of the land.4 This is because of:4(1) the territorial limitation in the definition of regulated mortgage contract so that regulation applies only if the land is in the United Kingdom5;44(2) the general principle and practice that contracts relating to land are usually
An MCD mortgage lender may request the consumer, family member or close relation of the consumer to:(1) open or maintain a payment or a savings account, where the only purpose of the account is to accumulate capital to repay the credit, to service the credit, to pool resources to obtain the credit, or to provide additional security for the MCD mortgage lender in the event of default;(2) purchase or keep an investment product or a private pension product, where such product primarily
An MCD mortgage lender may require the consumer to hold a relevant insurance policy related to the MCD regulated mortgage contract but, where it does so, the MCD mortgage lender must accept an insurance policy from a supplier different to his preferred supplier where such policy has a level of guarantee equivalent to the one the MCD mortgage lender has proposed.[Note: article 12(4) of the MCD]
Where an MCD regulated mortgage contract relates to a foreign currency loan, at the time the MCD regulated mortgage contract is entered into the MCD mortgage lender must ensure:(1) the consumer has a right to convert the MCD regulated mortgage contract into an alternative currency under specified conditions; or(2) there are other arrangements in place to limit the exchange rate risk to which the consumer is exposed under the MCD regulated mortgage contract.[Note: article 23(1)
This chapter also applies in relation to regulated mortgage contracts in circumstances where the original mortgage lender has passed on ownership of the loan to a third party through securitisation. In such a case, the rules in MCOB 7.5 - MCOB 7.7.4 R will apply to the firm which administers the regulated mortgage contract.
3A firm must comply with the rules in MCOB 4.4A as if the references in those rules to regulated mortgage contracts and mortgage lenders were to, respectively, home purchase plans and home purchase providers.
MCOB 4.8A applies to a firm as if the references in that section to regulated mortgage contracts and mortgage lenders were to, respectively, home purchase plans and home purchase providers, but MCOB 4.8A.14R (1) and (2) are modified in relation to home purchase plans as set out in MCOB 4.10.9D R.
MCOB 5.1.10GRP
A firm that finds any rule in MCOB 5.6 (Content of illustrations) inappropriate for the particular kind of regulated mortgage contract that the mortgage lender provides will need to seek from the FCA a waiver of that rule, unless another rule provides otherwise7. SUP 8 contains details of the waiver procedure.
MCOB 11.7.2RRP
The condition in MCOB 11.7.1R (2) does not apply if each of the following conditions is satisfied: (1) the firm is the mortgage lender or home purchase provider under the existing regulated mortgage contract or home purchase plan in MCOB 11.7.1R (1);(2) the value of the property which is the subject of the regulated mortgage contract or home purchase plan is at risk if repairs or maintenance work to the property are not carried out; (3) the funds generated by the additional borrowing
MCOB 11.7.3RRP
(1) When considering entering into a first charge regulated mortgage contract which is an interest-only mortgage2 or varying a first charge regulated mortgage contract which is2 an interest-only mortgage, a mortgage lender need not apply the rules in MCOB 11.6.41R (1), MCOB 11.6.49 R, MCOB 11.6.50 R and MCOB 11.6.60R (3) if the conditions in MCOB 11.7.1 R) are satisfied, and if it has established, acting reasonably, that the existing regulated mortgage contract in MCOB 11.7.1R
(1) 3This chapter does not apply to an MCD lifetime mortgage, except as set out in (2) to (3), below.(2) MCOB 9.4.33 R, MCOB 9.4.35 R, MCOB 9.4.62 R and MCOB 9.4.63 R apply to the extent specified by MCOB 5A.6.2 R.(3) MCOB 9.6 to MCOB 9.8 apply, except for rules that modify or replace MCOB 7.6.7R to MCOB 7.6.17R (because those rules do not apply to an MCD mortgage lender or an MCD mortgage credit intermediary, MCOB 7B applies instead: see MCOB 7.1.2AR and MCOB 7.1.2BG).
(1) A mortgage lender,3reversion provider2 or SRB agreement provider3 must quantify, in cash terms, any material inducement it offers to a mortgage intermediary, reversion intermediary,2SRB intermediary3 or a third party. 3(2) In quantifying the value of the material inducement, the firm must include any subsequent payments (such as a trail fee) made where the customer continues with the samehome finance transaction.22
(1) Quantification of any material inducement offered by the mortgage lender or reversion provider2 supports the disclosure requirements elsewhere in MCOB. Further guidance on the disclosure of any inducement in cash terms is provided in MCOB 5.6.118 G for regulated mortgage contracts other than lifetime mortgages, MCOB 9.4.124 G for lifetime mortgages and MCOB 9.4.173 G for home reversion plans.2(1A) Quantification of any material inducement offered by a SRB agreement provider
Arranging a regulated mortgage contract (or contract variation) to which the arranger is to be a party is excluded from both article 25A(1) and (2) by article 28A of the Regulated Activities Order (Arranging contracts to which the arranger is a party). As a result, a person cannot both be entering into a regulated mortgage contract and arranging a regulated mortgage contract under article 25A as regards a particular regulated mortgage contract. This means that a direct sale by
The illustration provided in accordance with MCOB 7.6.7 R must;(1) be based on the amount of the further advance only;(2) use the term 'additional borrowing' in place of the term 'lifetime mortgage' where appropriate throughout the titles and text of the illustration;(3) include an additional section headed: 'Total borrowing' and numbered '9' after Section 8, (with subsequent sections of the illustration renumbered accordingly) including the following text:(a) "This section gives
The remuneration policies of MCD mortgage lenders and MCD mortgage credit intermediaries, including those that take account of sales volumes, should not be designed in a way that would incentivise their members of staff to conclude a given number or type of MCD regulated mortgage contracts.
MCOB 10.3.7RRP
(1) Where the amount of the credit to be provided under the agreement cannot be ascertained at the date of the making of the agreement:(a) in the case of an agreement for running-account credit under which there is a credit limit, that amount must be taken to be that credit limit; and(b) in any other case, that amount shall be taken to be £100.(2) Where a mortgage lender makes a further advance to the customer in addition to the amount originally borrowed under the regulated mortgage
The calculation of the APRC must be based on the assumption that the MCD regulated mortgage contract is to remain valid for the period agreed and that the MCD mortgage lender and the consumer will fulfil their obligations under the terms and by the dates specified in the MCD regulated mortgage contract.[Note: article 17(3) of the MCD]
SUP 16.11.1RRP
This section2 applies:935510(1) in relation to sales data reports, to a firm:1010(a) which is a home finance provider; or(aa) 14which is a P2P platform operator which facilitates entry into a regulated mortgage contract, home purchase plan, home reversion plan or regulated sale and rent back agreement where the lender or provider does not require permission to enter into the transaction; or(b) which has permission to enter into a regulated credit agreement as lender in respect
The required additional information in MCOB 8.6A.4R (2) is:(1) for a lifetime mortgage other than one falling within MCOB 8.6A.5 R:(a) the name of the mortgage lender;(b) the rate of interest;(c) the interest rate type;(d) the price or value of the property on which the lifetime mortgage would be secured (estimated where necessary); and(e) the sum the customer wishes to borrow under it, either immediately or in the future (including the amount of any lump sum, any regular drawdown