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CONC 7.3.16GRP
A firm should not take steps to enforce a debt if it is aware that the customer is subject to a bankruptcy order (or in Scotland where sequestration is awarded in relation to the customer), a debt relief order or an individual voluntary arrangement (or, in Scotland, a protected trust deed or a Debt Arrangement Scheme).[Note: paragraph 3.9h of DCG]
The securitised exposures must be put beyond the reach of the originator and its creditors, including in bankruptcy and receivership. This must be supported by the opinion of qualified legal counsel.[Note:BCD Annex IX Part 2 point 1 (part)]
EG 6.2.7RP
3A person to whom the warning notice is given or copied who seeks to demonstrate potential unfairness from publication must provide clear and convincing evidence of how that unfairness may arise and how he could suffer a disproportionate level of damage. For example, this may be the case if publication could materially affect the person’s health, result in bankruptcy or insolvency, a loss of livelihood or a significant loss of income, or prejudice criminal proceedings to which
If the firm undertook a tracing exercise for the purposes of CASS 6.2.10R(4) (Allocated but unclaimed safe custody assets) before its failure but had not made the charity payment under that rule by the time of its failure then the findings of that exercise may be relied on for the purposes of CASS 6.7.4E(1)(a).
SUP 6.4.23GRP
If an application for cancellation of a firm'sPart 4A permission has been granted and a firm's status as an authorised person has been withdrawn (see SUP 6.5) it will remain subject to certain investigative and enforcement powers as a former authorised person. These include:2121(1) information gathering and investigation powers in Part XI of the Act (Investigation gathering and investigations) (seeEG 3 (Use of information gathering and investigation powers)6);6(2) powers to apply
CASS 7.19.25RRP
The records maintained under this section, including the sub-pool disclosure documents, are a record of the firm that must be kept in a durable medium for at least five years following the date on which client money was last held by the firm for a sub-pool to which those records or the sub-pool disclosure document applied.
SUP 15.13.7GRP
The MCD Order requires notification to be given immediately. The FCA expects CBTL firms to act with all due urgency in notifying it of any relevant event, and it is unlikely that the FCA will regard delay in excess of 5 working days as complying with the CBTL firm's obligations.
For master netting agreements covering repurchase transactions and/or securities or commodities lending or borrowing transactions and/or other capital market-driven transactions1 to be recognised for the purposes of BIPRU 5, they must:(1) be legally effective and enforceable in all relevant jurisdictions, including in the event of the bankruptcy or insolvency of the counterparty;(2) give the non-defaulting party the right to terminate and close-out in a timely manner all transactions
(1) [deleted]88(2) Relevant matters to which the FCA may have regard when assessing whether a firm will satisfy, and continue to satisfy, this threshold condition8may include but are not limited to:(a) (in relation to a firm other than a firm carrying on, or seeking to carry on, a PRA-regulated activity),8 whether there are any indications that the firm may have difficulties if the application is granted, at the time of the grant or in the future, in complying with any of the
A firm may treat contractual netting as risk-reducing only under the following conditions:(1) the firm must have a contractual netting agreement with its counterparty which creates a single legal obligation, covering all included transactions, such that, in the event of a counterparty's failure to perform owing to default, bankruptcy, liquidation or any other similar circumstance, the firm would have a claim to receive or an obligation to pay only the net sum of the positive and
For a credit derivative to be met the following conditions must also be met.(1) Subject to (2), the credit events specified under the credit derivative must at a minimum include:(a) the failure to pay the amounts due under the terms of the underlying obligation that are in effect at the time of such failure (with a grace period that is closely in line with or shorter than the grace period in the underlying obligation);(b) the bankruptcy, insolvency or inability of the obligor
LR 8.7.8RRP
A sponsor must notify the FCA in writing as soon as possible if:(1) 8(a) 8the sponsor ceases to satisfy the criteria for approval as a sponsor set out in LR 8.6.5 R or becomes aware of any matter which, in its reasonable opinion, would be relevant to the FCA in considering whether the sponsor continues to comply with LR 8.6.6 R; or(b) 8the sponsor becomes aware of any fact or circumstance relating to the sponsor or any of its employees engaged in the provision of sponsor services
1The FCA recognises that some transfers of units arise by operation of law (such as upon death or bankruptcy of the unitholder, or otherwise) and are accordingly outside the control of the authorised contractual scheme manager. The authorised contractual scheme manager is expected to comply with its responsibilities under COLL 6.6.3B R (Redemption of ACS units by an authorised contractual scheme manager) in such cases by redeeming such units.
(1) Elements to be taken as indications of unlikeliness to pay must include the items set out in this rule.(2) The firm putting the credit obligation on non-accrued status must be taken as an indication of unlikeliness to pay.(3) The firm making a value adjustment resulting from a significant perceived decline in credit quality subsequent to the firm taking on the exposure must be taken as an indication of unlikeliness to pay.(4) The firm selling the credit obligation at a material
SUP 12.4.10BRRP
(1) 10Before a firm appoints a person as an appointed representative to carry on MCD credit intermediation activity and on a continuing basis after appointment, it must, in relation to such activities, ensure that:(a) if the appointed representative is an individual, the individual: (i) has not been convicted of any serious criminal offences linked to crimes against property or other crimes related to financial activities (other than spent convictions under the Rehabilitation
10The FCA recognises that some transfers of units arise by operation of law (such as upon death or bankruptcy of the unitholder, or otherwise) and are accordingly outside the control of the authorised contractual scheme manager. The authorised contractual scheme manager is expected to comply with its responsibilities under COLL 8.5.10E R (Redemption of ACS units in a QIS by an authorised contractual scheme manager) in those cases by redeeming those units.
SUP 15.3.21RRP
A firm must notify the FCA11 immediately of any of the following events:2929(1) the calling of a meeting to consider a resolution for winding up the firm; or(2) an application to dissolve the firm or to strike it off the Register of Companies; or(3) the presentation of a petition for the winding up of the firm; or(4) the making of, or any proposals for the making of, a composition or arrangement with any one or more of its creditors; or(5) an application for the appointment of
Where an exposure to an institution is in the form of minimum reserves required by the European Central Bank or by the central bank of an EEA State to be held by the firm, a firm may assign the risk weight that would be assigned to exposures to the central bank of the EEA State in question provided:(1) the reserves are held in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1745/2003 of the European Central Bank of 12 September 2003 or a subsequent replacement regulation or in accordance
PR App 3.1.1EURP
1The following schedules and building blocks and tables of combinations are copied from the PD Regulation:6[Note: See transitional provisions in Regulation (EU) No 862/2012 and Regulation (EU) No 759/20137]ANNEX IMinimum Disclosure Requirements for the Share Registration Document (schedule)71.PERSONS RESPONSIBLE1.1.All persons responsible for the information given in the Registration Document and, as the case may be, for certain parts of it, with, in the latter case, an indication