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BIPRU 13.7.10RRP
In addition to the requirements in BIPRU 13.7.2 R to BIPRU 13.7.9 R, for contractual cross product netting agreements the following criteria must be met:(1) the net sum referred to in BIPRU 13.7.6 R (1) must be the net sum of the positive and negative close out values of any included individual bilateral master agreement and of the positive and negative mark-to-market value of the individual transactions (the Cross-Product Net Amount);(2) the written and reasoned legal opinions
BIPRU 9.11.13RRP
Where a firm calculates the risk weighted exposure amount of a securitisation position under the standardised approach, where credit protection is obtained on a securitisation position, the calculation of risk weighted exposure amounts may be modified in accordance with BIPRU 5 (Credit risk mitigation).[Note:BCD Annex IX Part 4 point 34]
If a provision of the Handbook relating to the IRB approach says that a firm may do something if its IRB permission allows it, a firm may do that thing unless its IRB permission expressly says that it may not do so except that:(1) BIPRU 4.2.18 R - BIPRU 4.2.19 R (Sequential implementation of IRB approach) and BIPRU 4.2.26 R (1)-BIPRU 4.2.26R (5) (Combined use of standardised approach with IRB approach) only apply if expressly permitted by a firm'sIRB permission;(2) a firm may
The maturity of the securitised exposures must be taken to be the longest maturity of any of those exposures subject to a maximum of five years. The maturity of the credit protection must be determined in accordance with BIPRU 5 (Credit risk mitigation) and, so far as relevant, BIPRU 4.10 (Credit risk mitigation under the IRB approach).[Note:BCD Annex IX Part 2 point 6]
In the case where a firm calculating risk weighted exposure amounts under the standardised approach has more than one form of credit risk mitigation covering a single exposure (e.g. a firm has both collateral and a guarantee partially covering an exposure), the firm must subdivide the exposure into parts covered by each type of credit risk mitigation tool (e.g. a part covered by collateral and a portion covered by guarantee) and the risk weighted exposure amount for each portion
This chapter:(1) implements article 78 of CRD;(2) contains the rules that exercise the discretion afforded to the FCA as competent authority under articles 115, 119(5), 124(2), 125(3), 126(2), 178(1)(b), 244(2), 245(2),2 286(2), 298(4) and 380 of the UK CRR3; and(3) contains the guidance in relation to the IRB approach, securitisation, counterparty credit risk and credit risk mitigation.