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For the purposes of BIPRU 11.6.1 R (4), where a firm uses its own estimates of LGDs or conversion factors for the calculation of risk weighted exposure amounts for exposures falling into the sovereign, institution and corporate IRB exposure class1, the firm must disclose those exposures separately from exposures for which it does not use such estimates.[Note: BCD Annex XII Part 3 point 1 (part)]
A firm applying credit risk mitigation techniques must disclose the following information:(1) the policies and processes for, and an indication of the extent to which the firm makes use of, on- and off-balance sheet netting;(2) the policies and processes for collateral valuation and management;(3) a description of the main types of collateral taken by the firm;(4) the main types of guarantor and credit derivative counterparty and their creditworthiness;(5) information about market
The FCA expects a firm's assessment of whether types of exposure referred to in article 128(3) of the EU CRR are associated with particularly high risk to include consideration of exposures arising out of a venture capital business (whether the firm itself carries on the venture capital business or not) . The FCA considers "venture capital business" to include the business of carrying on any of the following:(1) advising on investments, managing investments, arranging (bringing
An originator which, in respect of a securitisation in the non-trading book,1 has made use of BIPRU 9.3.1 R in the calculation of risk weighted exposure amounts, or a sponsor, must not, with a view to reducing potential or actual losses to investors, provide support to the securitisation beyond its contractual obligations.[Note: BCD Article 101(1)]
This table belongs to BIPRU 3.7.1 R[Note: BCD Annex II]CategoryItemPercentageFull riskGuarantees having the character of credit substitutesCredit derivativesAcceptancesEndorsements on bills not bearing the name of another credit institutionTransactions with recourseIrrevocable standby letters of credit having the character of credit substitutesAssets purchased under outright forward purchase agreementsForward depositsThe unpaid portion of partly-paid shares and securitiesAsset
For the purposes of BIPRU 9.10.2 R (as it applies to the IRB approach):(1) the exposure value of the position may be derived from the risk weighted exposure amounts taking into account any reductions made in accordance with BIPRU 9.10.4 RBIPRU 9.10.6 R;(2) where the supervisory formula method is used to calculate risk weighted exposure amounts and L KIRBR and [L+T] > KIRBR the position may be treated as two positions with L equal to KIRBR for the more senior of the positions.[Note:BCD
The use of ECAIs' credit assessments for the calculation of a firm'srisk weighted exposure amounts under BIPRU 9 must be consistent and in accordance with BIPRU 9.8.2 RBIPRU 9.8.7 R. Credit assessments must not be used selectively.[Note:BCD Article 99]
A firm may nominate one or more eligible ECAIs the credit assessments of which must be used in the calculation of its risk weighted exposure amounts under BIPRU 9 (a nominated ECAI).[Note:BCD Annex IX Part 3 point 2]
A firm must calculate a countercyclical capital buffer of common equity tier 1 capital equal to its total risk exposure amount multiplied by the weighted average of the countercyclical buffer rates that apply to exposures in the jurisdictions where the firm'srelevant credit exposures are located. [Note: article 130(1) (part) of CRD]
(1) A firm that does not meet the combined buffer must:(a) calculate the MDA in accordance with (4); and (b) report the MDA to the FCA in writing no later than five business days after the firm identified that it did not meet the combined buffer. (2) A firm that does not meet the combined buffer must not undertake any of the following actions before it has calculated the MDA:(a) make a distribution in connection with common equity tier 1 capital;(b) create an obligation to pay
SYSC 3.2.10GRP
(1) Depending on the nature, scale and complexity of its business, it may be appropriate for a firm to have a separate risk assessment function responsible for assessing the risks that the firm faces and advising the governing body and senior managers on them.(2) The organisation and responsibilities of a risk assessment function should be documented. The function should be adequately resourced and staffed by an appropriate number of competent staff who are sufficiently independent
A firm or qualifying parent undertaking must notify the FCA by sending an e-mail to its usual supervisory contact.