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Consistent with the fair, clear and not misleading rule, a firm should ensure that, in any statements of custody assets and/or client money it provides to its clients, it is clear from the statement which assets and/or monies the firm reports as holding for the client are, or are not, protected under CASS 6 and/or CASS 7 (e.g. if the statement also includes information regarding assets and/or monies which are held by the firm for that client which are not subject to the custody
Once every calendar year a firm must notify to the FCA in writing the information specified in (1), (2) or (3) as applicable, and the information specified in (4), in each case no later than the day specified in (1) to (4):44(1) if it held client money or safe custody assets in the previous calendar year, the highest total amount of client money and the highest total value of safe custody assets held during the previous calendar year, notification of which must be made no later
3The mandate rules do not apply to a firm:(1) in relation to client money that the firm is holding in accordance with CASS 5 or CASS 7 (including client money that the firm has allowed another person to hold or control in accordance with CASS 7.14.2R7) or CASS 115; or(2) in relation to custody assets6 that the firm is holding, or in respect of which the firm is carrying on safeguarding and administration of assets (without arranging), acting as trustee or depositary of an AIF
(1) 3CASS 8.1.2A R is not an absolute exemption, but it excludes the application of the mandate rules in relation to money or assets that a firm has received, is holding, or is responsible for (as appropriate and in the circumstances described in CASS 8.1.2A R).(2) This means that, for example in respect of CASS 8.1.2A R (1), a firm holding client money in accordance with CASS 5 or CASS 7 does not also need to comply with the mandate rules in relation to the client money which
CASS 7.12.3GRP
The risk of loss or diminution of rights in connection with client money can arise where a firm's organisational arrangements give rise to the possibility that client money held by the firm may be paid for the account of a client whose money is yet to be received by the firm. Consistent with the requirement to hold client money as trustee (see CASS 7.17.5 G), a firm should ensure its organisational arrangements are adequate to minimise such a risk. This may include, for example,
1A mandate is any means that give a firm the ability to control a client's assets or liabilities, which meet the conditions in (1) to (5): (1) they are obtained by the firm from the client, and with the client's consent;(2) where those means are obtained in the course of, or in connection with, the firm'sinsurance distribution activity4, they are in written form at the time they are obtained from the client;(3) they are retained by the firm;(4) they put the firm in a position
The instructions referred to at CASS 8.2.1 R (4) are all instructions given by a firm to another person who also has a relationship with the firm'sclient. For example, the other person may be the client'sbank, intermediary, custodian or credit card provider. This means, for example, that any means by which a firm can control a client's money or assets for which it is itself responsible to the client (rather than any other person) would not amount to a mandate. This includes where
(1) A firm which holds client money can discharge its obligation to ensure adequate protection for its clients in respect of such money by complying with CASS 5.3 which provides for such money to be held by the firm on the terms of a trust imposed by the rules.(2) The trust imposed by CASS 5.3 is limited to a trust in respect of client money which a firm receives and holds. The consequential and supplementary requirements in CASS 5.5 are designed to secure the proper segregation
A firm may not handle client money in accordance with the rules in this section unless each of the following conditions is satisfied:(1) the firm must have and maintain systems and controls which are adequate to ensure that the firm is able to monitor and manage its client money transactions and any credit risk arising from the operation of the trust arrangement and, if in accordance with CASS 5.4.2 R a firm complies with both the rules in CASS 5.3 and CASS 5.4, such systems and
(1) 1Subject to (2), (3) and (4)3, this2 chapter applies to a firm to which either or both of CASS 6 (Custody rules) and CASS 7 (Client money rules) applies.23(2) In relation to a firm to which CASS 5 (Client money: insurance distribution6 activity) and CASS 7 (Client money rules) apply, this chapter does not apply in relation to client money that a firm holds in accordance with CASS 5. (3) The rules and guidance in CASS 1A.2 apply to a firm even if at the date of the determination
1This chapter applies as follows:22(1) CASS 9.2 and CASS 9.3 apply to a prime brokerage firm2to which CASS 6 (Custody rules) applies;2(2) subject to paragraphs4 (3) and (4), CASS 9.4 and CASS 9.5 apply 2to a firm to which either or both CASS 6 (Custody rules) and CASS 7 (Client money rules) applies; 232(3) 2CASS 9.4 and CASS 9.5 do 2not apply to a firm which only arranges safeguarding and administration of assets; and42(4) 2for a firm to which CASS 7 (client money rules) applies
CASS 1.2.11RRP
7(1) 7A firm must not keep money in respect of which any one of the following chapters applies in the same client bank account or client transaction account as money in respect of which another of the following chapters applies:(a) the client money chapter;(b) the insurance client money chapter;(c) the debt management client money chapter.(2) 7In accordance with CASS 7.10.36 R7, a firm which is subject to the client money chapter and holds money both (i) in its capacity as a trustee
(1) This rule defines some of the terms used in IFPRU 1.2.3 R.(2) "Total assets" means the firm's total assets(a) set out in the most recent relevant report submitted to the FCA under SUP 16.12 (Integrated regulatory reporting); or (b) (where the firm carries out the assessment under this rule at any time after the date of its most recent report in (a)) as the firm would report to the FCA in accordance with the relevant report, as if the reporting period for that report ends on