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REC 1.1.3GRP
(1) The recognition requirements for UK recognised bodies5are set out, with guidance, in REC 2. The RAP recognition requirements (other than requirements under the auction regulation which are not reproduced in REC) are set out, with guidance, in REC 2A.32(1A) Key relevant MiFID/MiFIR requirements directly applicable to UK recognised bodies are signposted as “Notes”.5(2) The notification rules for UKrecognised bodies are set out in REC 3 together with guidance on those rules.(3)
This section contains:(1) rules that exercise the discretion afforded to the FCA as competent authority under article 18 of the EU CRR (Methods of prudential consolidation); and(2) guidance on the criteria that the FCA will take into account when considering whether to grant a permission to a firm on a case-by-case basis for the individual consolidation method under article 9 of the EUCRR (Individual consolidation method).
REC 1.2.2GRP
(1) Most of the provisions in this sourcebook are marked with a G (to indicate guidance) or an R (to indicate a rule). Quotations from UK5 statute or statutory instruments are marked with the letters "UK"5 unless they form part of a piece of guidance. Other informative text regarding provisions of EU directives or directly applicable EU regulations which is meant to be for the convenience of readers but is not part of the legislative material is preceded by the word “Note”.5
EG 3.3.5RP
1Chapter 5 of the FCA's Supervision manual (Reports by skilled persons) contains rules and guidance that will apply whenever the FCA uses the section 166 and 166A powers.
The FCA, when considering whether a breach of its rules on systems and controls against money laundering has occurred, will have regard to whether a firm has followed relevant provisions in the guidance for the United Kingdom financial sector issued by the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group.1
The Code of Practice for Approved Persons5 is general guidance. The status and effect of general guidance is described in the Readers' Guide. In particular, guidance:5(1) represents the FCA’s view and does not bind the courts or third parties;5(2) is not binding on approved persons, nor does it have ‘evidential’ effect;5(3) need not be followed to achieve compliance with the Statements of Principle, nor is there any presumption that departing from guidance is indicative of a