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EG 2.9.2RP
1Guidance is not binding on those to whom the FCA'srules apply. Nor are the variety of materials (such as case studies showing good or bad practice, FCA speeches, and generic letters written by the FCA to Chief Executives in particular sectors) published to support the rules and guidance in the Handbook. Rather, such materials are intended to illustrate ways (but not the only ways) in which a person can comply with the relevant rules.
EG 2.9.3RP
1DEPP 6.2.1G(4) explains that the FCA will not take action against someone where we consider that they have acted in accordance with what we have said. However, guidance does not set out the minimum standard of conduct needed to comply with a rule, nor is there any presumption that departing from guidance indicates a breach of a rule. If a firm has complied with the Principles and other rules, then it does not matter whether it has also complied with other material the FCA has
SUP 9.2.1GRP
Requests for individual guidance may be made in writing or orally. Requests for individual guidance in relation to the Part 6 rules should be made in writing other than in circumstances of exceptional urgency or in the case of a request from a sponsor in relation to the provision of a sponsor service. 2If oral queries raise complex or significant issues, the FCA will normally expect the details of the request to be confirmed in writing. Simple requests for guidance may often be
SUP 9.2.6GRP
The FCA will always need sufficient information and time before it can properly evaluate the situation and respond to a request. If a request is time-critical, the person or its professional adviser should make this clear. The more notice a person can give the FCA, the more likely it is that the FCA will be able to meet the person's timetable. However, the time taken to respond will necessarily depend upon the complexity and novelty of the issues involved. In making a request,
SUP 9.4.4GRP
Rights conferred on third parties (such as a firm'sclients) cannot be affected by guidance given by the FCA. Guidance on rules, the Act or other legislation represents the FCA view, and does not bind the courts, for example in relation to an action for damages brought by a private person for breach of a rule (section 138D of the Act (Actions for damages)) or in relation to enforceability of a contract if the general prohibition is breached (sections 26 and 27 of the Act (Enforceability
SUP 10C.10.15GRP
For guidance on criteria that a firm should use for assessing whether an FCA candidate is fit and proper (including the FCArules referred to in SUP 10C.10.14G), see FIT.
SUP 9.3.1GRP
Business and internal control risks vary from firm to firm, according to the nature and complexity of the business. The FCA's assessment of these risks is reflected in how its rules apply to different categories of firm as well as in the use of its other regulatory tools. One of the tools the FCA has available is to give a firm individual guidance on the application of the requirements or standards under the regulatory system in the firm's particular circumstances.
SUP 9.3.2GRP
The FCA6 may give individual guidance to a firm on its own initiative if it considers it appropriate to do so. For example:6(1) the FCA6 may consider that general guidance in the Handbook does not appropriately fit a firm's particular circumstances (which may be permanent or temporary) and therefore decide to give additional individual guidance to the firm;6(2) some of the FCA's6 requirements are expressed in general terms; however, there may be times when the FCA6 will wish to
COLL 6.6.11GRP
SUP 15.3 (General notification requirements) contains rules and guidance on matters that should be notified to the FCA. Such matters include, but are not limited to, any circumstance that the depositary becomes aware of whilst undertaking its functions or duties in COLL 6.6.4 R (1) (General duties of the depositary) that the FCA would reasonably view as significant.
COLL 6.6.16GRP
(1) Directors of an ICVC, authorised fund managers and depositaries should also have regard to SYSC 8 (Outsourcing).66SYSC 8.1.6 R4 states that a firm remains fully responsible for discharging 6all of its obligations under the regulatory system6 if it outsources crucial or important operational functions4 or any relevant services and activities.6646644(2) SUP 15.8.6 R (Delegation by UCITS management companies) requires the 8authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme to inform the
CASS 7.19.25RRP
The records maintained under this section, including the sub-pool disclosure documents, are a record of the firm that must be kept in a durable medium for at least five years following the date on which client money was last held by the firm for a sub-pool to which those records or the sub-pool disclosure document applied.
GEN 5.1.1GRP
1This chapter contains:2(1) guidance for firms, authorised payment institutions, registered account information service providers9 and authorised electronic money institutions8 and their 7appointed representatives, agents7or tied agents5on the circumstances in which the FCA11 permits them 7to reproduce the FSA and FCA logos11;28811711(2) rules on the use by firms of the Key facts logo.2
SUP 9.1.3GRP
A person may need to ask the FCA for individual guidance on how the rules and general guidance in the Handbook, the Act or other regulatory requirements apply in their particular circumstances. This chapter describes how a person may do this. Section 139A of the Act gives the FCA the power to give guidance consisting of such information and advice as it considers appropriate.
SUP 9.1.4GRP
The FCA may at times also consider it appropriate to give a firm individual guidance on its own initiative, for example on how it considers a firm should comply with a rule. SUP 9.3 describes when and how the FCA will seek to do this.
SUP 16.1.3RRP

Application of different sections of SUP 16 (excluding49 SUP 16.13, SUP 16.15, SUP 16.16, SUP 16.17, SUP 16.22 and SUP 16.2650) 4261393927


(1) Section(s)

(2) Categories of firm to which section applies

(3) Applicable rules and guidance

SUP 16.1,SUP 16.2andSUP 16.3

All categories of firm except:

Entire sections


an ICVC;


an incoming EEA firm or incoming Treaty firm, which is not:


a firm of a type to which SUP 16.6 or 20SUP 16.1220 applies; or


an insurer with permission to effect or carry out life policies49; orcarry outlife policies; or


a with to establish, operate or wind up a stakeholder pension scheme;14a firm with permission to establish, operate or wind up a personal pension scheme or a stakeholder pension scheme;14 or39


a payment service provider to which SUP 16.22 applies; and


a UCITS qualifier.

SUP 16.4 and SUP 16.52

All categories of firm except:

Entire sections


a credit union;2


an ICVC;


an incoming EEA firm;


an incoming Treaty firm;


a non-directive friendly society;




a sole trader;


a service company;


a UCITS qualifier;8



a firm with permission to carry on only retail investment activities;8


a firm with permission only to advise on P2P agreements (unless that activity is carried on exclusively with or for professional clients);38


a firm with permission to carry on only insurance distribution activity52, home finance mediation activity,16 or both;8



an FCA-authorised person with permission to carry on only credit-related regulated activity;


a firm with permission to carry on only regulated claims management activities;


a firm falling within a combination of (i), (ia), (j), (ja) and (jb)48.



a firm with permission to carry on only the regulated activity of administering a benchmark;

SUP 16.6



SUP 16.6.4 R to SUP 16.6.5 R











Depositary of an authorised fund41

SUP 16.6.6R to SUP 16.6.11R41

33SUP 16.7A

A firm subject to the requirement in SUP 16.7A.3 R or SUP 16.7A.5 R

Sections as relevant

SUP 16.8

Insurer with permission to effect or carry out life policies, unless it is a non-directive friendly society3

Entire section

3Firm with permission to establish, operate or wind up a personal pension scheme or a stakeholder pension scheme14


Entire section3

SUP 16.95

Firm with permission to advise on investments; arrange (bring about) deals in investments; make arrangements with a view to transactions in investments; or arrange safeguarding and administration of assets5

Entire section5

SUP 16.109

All categories of firm except:9

Entire section9


an ICVC;9


a UCITS qualifier; 21and42





a dormant account fund operator.

32SUP 16.11


A firm, other than a managing agent, which is:


a home finance provider; or

Entire section


an insurer; or

Entire section


the operator of a regulated collective investment scheme or an investment trust savings scheme; or

Entire section


a person who issues or manages the relevant assets of the issuer of a structured capital-at-risk product; or

Entire section


a firm with permission to enter into a regulated credit agreement as lender in respect of high-cost short-term credit or home credit loan agreements; or

Entire section


a firm in whom the rights and obligations of the lender under a regulated mortgage contract are vested.

The provisions governing performance data reports in SUP 16.11 and SUP 16 Annex 21

17SUP 16.12

A firm undertaking the regulated activities as listed in SUP 16.12.4 R, unless exempted in SUP 16.12.1 G

Sections as relevant to regulated activities as listed in SUP 16.12.4 R23

232425SUP 16.14

A CASS large firm and a CASS medium firm

Entire section29

29SUP 16.18

A full-scope UK AIFM and a small authorised UK AIFM

SUP 16.8.3 R

34SUP 16.20

An IFPRU 730k firm and a qualifying parent undertaking that is required to send a recovery plan, a group recovery plan or information for a resolution plan to the FCA43.

Entire Section

40SUP 16.23

A firm subject to the Money Laundering Regulations and within the scope of SUP 16.23.1R

Entire Section

47SUP 16.23A

A firm undertaking the regulated activities in SUP 16.23A.1R, including all incoming EEA firms or incoming Treaty firms (including those providing cross border services and undertaking the same activities)

Entire section

43SUP 16.24

A firm with permission to effect or carry out contracts of insurance in relation to life and annuitycontracts of insurance45 to the extent that the firm and its business falls within the scope of SUP 16.24.1R.

Entire Section

48SUP 16.25

A firm with permission to carry on regulated claims management activities.

Entire section

27Note 2 50The application of SUP 16.13 is set out under SUP 16.13.1 G;61 the application of SUP 16.15 is set out under SUP 16.15.1 G; the application of SUP 16.16 is set out SUP 16.16.1 R and SUP 16.16.2 R the application of SUP 16.17 is set out in SUP 16.17.3 R and SUP 16.17.4 R61; and the application of SUP 16.26 is set out in SUP 16.26.1R50.


29Note 3 50The application of SUP 16.18 for the types of AIFMs specified in SUP 16.1.1C G is set out in SUP 16.18.2 G.

116Rules and guidance made by the FCA in this chapter apply to every firm which is subject to the Compulsory Jurisdiction.718718
718Whilst no rule11 made by the FCA in this chapter applies to VJ participants, some of the guidance may do. The application of rules made by the FOS Ltd in this chapter is set out in FEES 5.5B19 and described in FEES 5.1.2 AG.8