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PERG 8.17.20GRP
4CONC 3 contains rules about financial promotions relating to credit-related regulated activity. CONC 3 does not apply, however, to the communication, or approval for communication, of a financial promotion to the extent it concerns qualifying credit. MCOB 3A5 applies to the communication or approval of a financial promotion of qualifying credit. This means that a financial promotion about credit will not usually be subject to both MCOB 3A5 and CONC 3 unless it is about secured
CASS 6.6.55GRP
In considering whether it should notify affected clients under CASS 6.6.54R (3), a firm should have regard to its obligations under the client's best interests rule to act honestly, fairly and professionally in accordance with the best interests of its clients, and to Principle 7 (communications with clients).