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The following must be calculated in accordance with BIPRU 9 (Securitisation):(1) risk-weighted exposure amounts for securitisedexposures and for exposures belonging to the IRB exposure class referred to in BIPRU 4.3.2 R (6) (securitisation positions); and(2) the expected loss amounts for securitisedexposures.[Note: BCD Article 87(10) and Article 88(3)]
2Where BIPRU 9.7.2R (5) applies to securitisation positions in an ABCP programme, the firm may be granted a waiver which allows it to use the risk weight assigned to a liquidity facility in order to calculate the risk weighted exposure amount for the positions in the ABCP programme, provided that the liquidity facility ranks pari passu with the positions in the ABCP programme so that they form overlapping positions and 100% of the commercial paper issued by the ABCP programme
Table : Simplified method of calculating risk weightsThis table belongs to BIPRU 3.5.4 G.Exposure classExposure sub-classRisk weightsCommentsCentral governmentExposures to United Kingdom government or Bank of England in sterling0%Exposures to United Kingdom government or Bank of England in the currency of another EEA State0%See Note 2.Exposures to EEA State's central government or central bank in currency of that state0%Exposures to EEA State's central government or central bank
A firm should assess its exposure to risks transferred through the securitisation of assets should those transfers fail for whatever reason. A firm should consider the effect on its financial position of a securitisation arrangement failing to operate as anticipated or of the values and risks transferred not emerging as expected.
SUP 16.12.11RRP
The applicable data items referred to in SUP 16.12.4 R are set out according to firm type in the table below:Description of data item45Firms' prudential category and applicable data items(note 1)IFPRU investment firms and BIPRU firmsFirmsother thanBIPRU firms or IFPRU investment firmsIFPRUBIPRUIPRU(INV)Chapter 3IPRU(INV)Chapter 5IPRU(INV)Chapter 9IPRU(INV)Chapter 1338Solvency statementNo standard format (note 11)No standard format (note 20)No standard format (note 11)38Balance
(1) Where a firm uses the standardised approach set out in BIPRU 3 (Standardised approach to credit risk) for the calculation of risk weighted exposure amount for the standardised credit risk exposure class to which the securitised exposures would otherwise be assigned under BIPRU 3, then it must calculate the risk weighted exposure amount for a securitisation position in accordance with the standardised approach to securitisations set out in BIPRU 9.9, BIPRU 9.10, BIPRU 9.11