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In relation to an ICVC, ACS2 or an AUT which is a qualified investor scheme, the provisions in COLL 7.6 (Schemes of arrangement) will apply as appropriate to the authorised fund manager, any other directors of the ICVC and the depositary as if COLL 7.6 applied to a qualified investor scheme and did not exclude unitholders becoming unitholders in another qualified investor scheme.
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LR 18.2.8RRP
(1) If an application is made for the admission of a class of certificates representing shares of an overseas company, a sufficient number of certificates must, no later than the time of admission, be distributed to the public in one or more EEA States.(2) For the purposes of paragraph (1), account may also be taken of holders in one or more states that are not EEA States, if the certificates are listed in the state or states.(3) For the purposes of paragraph (1), a sufficient