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(1) The variation in MCOB 8.6A.5 R might involve the addition or removal of a borrower for joint mortgages or a change in payment method. This list is not exhaustive. (2) Examples of rate changes in MCOB 8.6A.5R (2) are: a transfer from a variable rate to a fixed rate; and a transfer from one fixed rate to another fixed rate.(3) Firms are reminded that, if their presentation in MCOB 8.6A.5R (1)(b) has (either explicitly or implicitly) steered the customer towards any one or
DISP App 1.5.2GRP
Firms will need to consider the importance for many complainants of having life assurance in place to ensure a mortgage is paid off in the event of death.2323
2For a retirement interest-only mortgage where, in accordance with MCOB 1.2.16R(1), the firm elects to provide an ESIS instead of an illustration:(1) the ESIS may diverge from the requirements of MCOB 5A where it is necessary to do so to describe a retirement interest-only mortgage, and(2) the firm must also comply with MCOB 5.4.25R, MCOB 5.4.26R and MCOB 5.6.6R as though a reference to an illustration is a reference to an ESIS.
COBS 20.1A.11RRP
A Solvency II firm must not agree to, or allow, any mortgage or charge on the assets in any of its with-profits funds, other than in respect of, and for the purposes of, the business in the with-profits fund.
For a guarantee to be recognised the following conditions must also be met:(1) on the qualifying default of and/or non-payment by the counterparty, the lending firm must have the right to pursue, in a timely manner, the guarantor for any monies due under the claim in respect of which the protection is provided;(2) payment by the guarantor must not be subject to the lending firm first having to pursue the obligor;(3) in the case of unfunded credit protection covering residential
A subordinated debt must not form part of the capital resources of the firm unless it meets the following conditions: (1) (for a firm which carries on insurance distribution activity7 , home finance mediation activity1 (or both) but not home financing1or home finance administration1) it has an original maturity of:1111(a) at least two years; or(b) it is subject to two years' notice of repayment;(2) (for all other firms) it has an original maturity of:(a) at least five years; or(b)
GEN 4.2.2GRP
There are other pre-contract information requirements outside this chapter, including:(1) for financial promotions, inthe financial promotion rules;55(2) for designated investment business, inCOBS 8 and COBS 8A14 (Client agreements), COBS 5 (Distance Communications), COBS 6 (Information about the firm, its services and remuneration), COBS 13 and 14 (which relate to product information)5 and CASS (Client assets);5(2A) for PRIIPs, a requirement under the PRIIPs Regulation to provide
COLL 8.4.12RRP
The following limits apply in respect of immovables held as part of the scheme property:(1) the amount secured by mortgages over any immovable must not exceed 100% of the latest valuation by an appropriate valuer under COLL 8.4.11 R (2)(c) or COLL 8.4.11 R (2)(d) or COLL 8.4.13 R, as appropriate;(2) no option may be granted to a person to buy or obtain an interest in any immovable comprised in the scheme property if this might unduly prejudice the ability to provide redemption;
BIPRU 12.6.15RRP
The credit pipeline component is the sum represented by 25% of a firm's credit facilities offered to its customers but which are yet to be drawn down, including:4(1) offers to make loans secured on residential property;(2) overdraft facilities; and(3) credit card facilities.
If a firm makes an offer to a customer with a view to entering into a regulated mortgage contractthat includes a mortgage credit card, it must provide the customer with information explaining that the card will not give the customer the statutory rights associated with traditional credit cards.
(1) If an obligor approach is being taken with respect to retail exposures (that is, the application of the definition of default at an obligor level rather than at a facility level as set out in BIPRU 4.6.21 R,) a firm should ensure that the PD associated with unsecured exposures is not understated as a result of the presence of any collateralised exposures. A firm should be able to explain to the appropriate regulator, if asked, how it has ensured that its estimate of PD is
Table of application, notification, vetting and other fees payable to the FCA3231Part 1: Application, notification and vetting fees3131(1) Fee payer(2) Fee payable (£)37Due date(a) Any applicant for Part 4A permission (including an incoming firm applying for top-up permission) whose fee is not payable pursuant to sub- paragraph (zza)52 of this table26(1) Unless (2),41 (3) or (4)41 applies, in1 respect of a particular application, the highest of the tariffs set out in FEES 3 Annex
LR App 1.1.1RP
1Note: The following definitions relevant to the listing rules are extracted from the Glossary.ActThe Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.admission or admission to listing admission of securities to the official list .admission to tradingadmission of securities to trading on an RIE's market for listedsecurities.advertisement(as defined in the PD Regulation) announcements:(a)relating to a specific offer to the public of securities or to an admission to trading on a regulated
COLL 5.6.19RRP
The following limits apply in respect of immovables held as part of scheme property of a scheme:(1) not more than 15% in value of the scheme property is to consist of any one immovable;(2) in (1), immovables within COLL 5.6.18 R (4) (b) (Investment in property) must be regarded as one immovable;(3) the figure of 15% in (1) may be increased to 25% once the immovable has been included in the scheme property in compliance with (1);(4) the income receivable from any one group in any
(1) 2Paragraph (2) applies if an individual other than the borrower (in this rule referred to as “the guarantor”) has: (a) provided a guarantee or an indemnity (or both) in relation to: (i) a regulated credit agreement; or(ii) a P2P agreement in respect of which the borrower is an individual; and(b) granted a continuous payment authority.(2) CONC 6.7.24R and CONC 6.7.25R apply in respect of the guarantor as if references to the customer were references to the guarantor.(3) For
PERG 8.4.34GRP
Employers and their contracted service providers 6may communicate with employees on matters which involve controlled investments. For example, work-related insurance, staff mortgages,6personal pension schemes (including stakeholder schemes) and other employee benefit schemes other than occupational pension schemes. Interests under the trusts of an occupational pension scheme are not a controlled investment (see paragraph 27 (2) of Schedule 1 to the Financial Promotion Order).In
PERG 2.9.24GRP
(1) 12Subject to (2), (3) and (4),15 the exclusions apply, in relation to any activity carried on by a local authority.15(2) The exclusion relating to the regulated activities of:(a) dealing in investments as agents;(b) arranging (bringing about) deals in investments;(c) making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments;(d) assisting in the administration and performance of a contract of insurance; and(e) advising on investments;applies to any activity carried on