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A firm may determine exposures arising from long settlement transactions using any of the CCR mark to market method, the CCR standardised method and the CCR internal model method, regardless of the methods chosen for treating financial derivatives instruments and repurchase transactions, securities or commodities lending or borrowing transactions, and margin lending transactions. In calculating capital requirements for long settlement transactions, a firm that uses the IRB approach
BIPRU 9.10 applies as follows:(1) BIPRU 9.10.2 R and BIPRU 9.10.3 R apply to both the standardised approach and the IRB approach; and(2) BIPRU 9.10.4 RBIPRU 9.10.7 R apply to the IRB approach.
BIPRU 14.2.11RRP
Subject to BIPRU 14.2.3 R to BIPRU 14.2.5 R and BIPRU 14.2.14 R to BIPRU 14.2.17 R, a firm must calculate exposure values and risk weighted exposure amounts for the exposures falling under BIPRU 14.2.2 R (1) to BIPRU 14.2.2R (5) in accordance with:(1) the standardised approach to credit risk; or(2) if the firm has an IRB permission, the IRB approach in accordance with the terms of the firm'sIRB permission.[Note: CAD Annex II point 6]
(1) Subject to (3), a firm may calculate its capital requirements for its trading book business in accordance with the standardised approach to credit risk (or, if it has an IRB permission, the IRB approach) as it applies to the non-trading book where the size of the trading book business meets the following requirements:(a) the trading book business of the firm does not normally exceed 5% of its total business;(b) its total trading bookposition do not normally exceed €15 million;
This table belongs to BIPRU 3.7.1 R[Note: BCD Annex II]CategoryItemPercentageFull riskGuarantees having the character of credit substitutesCredit derivativesAcceptancesEndorsements on bills not bearing the name of another credit institutionTransactions with recourseIrrevocable standby letters of credit having the character of credit substitutesAssets purchased under outright forward purchase agreementsForward depositsThe unpaid portion of partly-paid shares and securitiesAsset
1(1) 1Where the conditions set out in BIPRU 5.5.5 R are satisfied, the portion of the exposure collateralised by the current surrender value of credit protection falling within the terms of BIPRU 5.5.4 R must be either:(a) 1subject to the risk weights specified in (3) where the exposure is subject to the standardised approach to credit risk; or(b) 1assigned an LGD of 40% where the exposure is subject to the IRB approach but not subject to the firm's own estimates of LGD.(2) 1In
BIPRU 13.3 sets out the calculations of exposure values for financial derivative instrument, long settlement transactions and certain other transactions under the standardised approach and, subject to BIPRU 4, under the IRB approach. BIPRU 13.4, 13.5 and 13.6 set out the provisions relating to the CCR mark to market method, the CCR standardised method and the CCR internal model method in turn.