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(1) In assessing whether a penalty would cause an individual serious financial hardship, the FCA3 will consider the individual’s ability to pay the penalty over a reasonable period (normally no greater than three years). The FCA's3 starting point is that an individual will suffer serious financial hardship only if during that period his net annual income will fall below £14,000 and his capital will fall below £16,000 as a result of payment of the penalty. Unless the FCA3 believes
A firm or qualifying parent undertaking must notify the FCA by sending an e-mail to its usual supervisory contact.
LR 13.5.33BGRP
2For the purposes of LR 13.5.33R (1) a significant part of the listed company or target is any part that represents over 75% of the listed company's group or the target respectively. For these purposes the FCA will take into account factors such as the assets, profitability and market capitalisation of the business.
LR 6.2.2GRP
(1) 1In determining what amounts to 75% of the applicant's business for the purpose of LR 6.2.1R(2), the FCA will consider the size, in aggregate, of all of the acquisitions that the applicant has entered into during the period required by LR 6.2.1R(1) and up to the date of the prospectus or listing particulars, relative to the size of the applicant as enlarged by the acquisitions.(2) In ascertaining the size of the acquisitions relative to the applicant for the purposes of LR