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MCOB 1.2.21GRP
(1) 10By virtue of amendments to articles 60B, 60C and 61 of the Regulated Activities Order which came into force on 21 March 2016, certain regulated credit agreements became regulated mortgage contracts (but see the transitional provisions described in (3) below). The provisions of MCOB that apply to these regulated mortgage contracts include:(a) MCOB 7 (Disclosure at start of contract and after sale);(b) MCOB 12 (Charges); and(c) MCOB 13 (Arrears, payment shortfalls and repossessions:
SUP 8.2.2GRP
The directions referred to in SUP 8.2.1 G (1) and SUP 8.2.1 G (2) are collectively referred to in the Handbook as waivers.
SYSC 13.6.4GRP
A firm should have regard to SYSC 13.6.3 G in relation to approved persons, people occupying positions of high personal trust (for example, security administration, payment and settlement functions); and people occupying positions requiring significant technical competence (for example, derivatives trading and technical security administration). A firm should also consider the rules and guidance for approved persons in other parts of the Handbook (including APER, COCON2 and SUP)
8PRA-authorised persons should send applications for waivers or applications for variations of waivers to: (1) the FCA in respect of rules in the FCA Handbook applicable to that PRA-authorised person; and(2) the PRA in respect of rules in the PRA Handbook.
Other relevant parts of HandbookNote: Other parts of the Handbook that may also be relevant to persons to whom the transparency rules apply include DEPP (Decision Procedure and Penalties Manual) and 2Chapter 9 of SUP (the Supervision manual).The following Regulatory Guides are also relevant:21. The Enforcement Guide (EG)22. [intentionally blank]23Note: A list of regulated markets can be found on the FCA website.22
CONC 15.1.2GRP
Firms which carry on consumer credit lending or credit broking should comply with all rules which apply to that regulated activity in CONC and other parts of the Handbook. For example, CONC 7 applies to matters concerning arrears, default and recovery (including repossession) and applies generally, including to agreements to which this chapter applies. This chapter sets out specific additional requirements and guidance that apply in relation to credit agreements secured on land
GEN 2.2.14 R (References to writing) has the effect that electronic media may be used to make communications that are required by the Handbook to be 'in writing' unless a contrary intention appears. In MCOB, the use of an electronic medium is restricted in certain circumstances to a durable medium as required by the Distance Marketing Directive.
(1) 5Except for (2), all provisions of the Handbook that apply:(a) to a feeder UCITS are also applicable to a pension feeder fund that is constituted as a UCITS scheme; and(b) to a feeder NURS are also applicable to a pension feeder fund that is constituted as a non-UCITS retail scheme.(2) A pension feeder fund may not invest in units of an EEA UCITS scheme unless that scheme is a recognised scheme under section 264 of the Act (see COLL 5.6.27R and COLL 5.8.2AR).
MAR 9.1.4GRP
The following table provides an overview of this chapter:Handbook referenceTopic and specific applicationMAR 9.1Application, introduction, approach and structureMAR 9.2Authorisation and verificationMAR 9.3Notification and informationMAR 9.4Supervisory regimeMAR 9.5Frequently Asked QuestionsMAR 9 Annex 1D to MAR Annex 10DForms
5A firm may recalculate the periodic instalment of capital or interest (or both), provided that any such recalculation is consistent with the firm’s obligations under the Handbook. If a firm exercises a power under the terms of a mortgage contract to recalculate periodic instalments of capital or interest (or both) using a mortgage balance that includes charges (such as arrears management charges) or interest arising because one or more monthly instalments were missed, the firm
SUP 13A.1.1GRP
(1) 1This chapter applies to an EEA firm that wishes to exercise an entitlement to establish a branch in, or provide cross border services into, the United Kingdom under a Single Market Directive or the auction regulation7. (The Act refers to such an entitlement as an EEA right and its exercise is referred to in the Handbook as "passporting".) (See SUP App 3 (Guidance on passporting issues) for further guidance on passporting.)The chapter does not, apart from in SUP 13A.6G (rules
(1) In this chapter references to remuneration include remuneration paid, provided or awarded by any person to the extent that it is paid, provided or awarded in connection with employment by a firm.(2) Paragraph (1) is without prejudice to the meaning of remuneration elsewhere in the Handbook.
3In carrying out the stress tests and scenario analyses required by BIPRU 7.1.17 R, a firm must incorporate and take into account any other relevant stress tests and scenario analyses that it is required to carry out under any other provision of the Handbook, and in particular under BIPRU 7.10.72 R where the firm has a VaR model permission.
In determining whether or not the particular conduct of a person complies with the rules in COCON, factors the FCA would expect to take into account include: (1) whether that conduct relates to activities that are subject to other provisions of the Handbook; (2) whether that conduct is consistent with the requirements and standards of the regulatory system relevant to the person'sfirm.
PERG uses words and phrases that have specific meanings in the Handbook or in legislation; these may be different from, or more precise than, their usual dictionary meanings. Defined terms used in the text of the Handbook are shown in italics (see Chapter 7 of the Reader's Guide to the Handbook at For the meanings of defined terms used in PERG, see the Glossary. It is essential that readers refer to these
SUP 13A.6.1GRP
2(1) SUP 13A Annex 1 summarises how the Handbook applies to incoming EEA firms.2(2) SUP 13A Annex 2 summarises the matters that are reserved to a firm'sHome State regulator.2