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CASS 11.9.5RRP
Where a CASS debt management firm receives client money in the form of cash, a cheque or other payable order, it must:(1) pay the money into a client bank account in accordance with CASS 11.9.1 R promptly and no later than on the business day after it receives the money;(2) if the firm holds the money overnight, hold it in a secure location in line with Principle 10; and(3) record the receipt of the money in the firm's books and records under the applicable requirements of CASS
4Any written notification made to the FCA under this chapter should be marked for the attention of: "Client Assets Firm Classification".
(1) If a firm carrying on insurance distribution activity6 or home finance mediation activity1(and no other regulated activity) does not hold client money or other client assets in relation to these activities, its capital resources requirement is the higher of:1(a) £5,000; and(b) 2.5% of the annual income from its insurance distribution activity6 or home finance mediation activity1(or both).1(2) If a firm carrying on insurance distribution activity6 or home finance mediation
SUP 3.10.4RRP
An auditor of a firm must submit a client assets 5report addressed to the FCA which: 5(1) 5(a) states the matters set out in SUP 3.10.5 R; and55(b) specifies the matters to which SUP 3.10.9 R and SUP 3.10.9A R refer; or (2) if the firm claims not to hold client money or custody assets, states whether anything has come to the auditor's attention that causes him to believe that the firm held client money or custody assets during the period covered by the report.
(1) Principle 10 (Clients' assets) requires a firm to arrange adequate protection for clients' assets when the firm is responsible for them. An essential part of that protection is the proper accounting and handling of client money. The rules in CASS 5.1 to CASS 5.6 also give effect to the requirement in article 10.68 of the IDD8 that all necessary measures should be taken to protect clients against the inability of an insurance intermediary to transfer premiums to an insurance
EG 13.9.5RP
1If the FCA believes that the individual is insolvent, the factors it will consider when it decides whether to seek a bankruptcy order or sequestration award include: (1) whether others have taken steps to deal with the individual's insolvency, including a proposal by the individual of a voluntary arrangement, a petition by the individual for his own bankruptcy or sequestration, or a petition by a third party for the individual's bankruptcy or the sequestration of the individual's
APER 4.1.11GRP
3Behaviour of the type referred to in APER 4.1.10 G includes, but is not limited to, deliberately:(1) front running client orders;(2) carrying out unjustified trading on client accounts to generate a benefit (whether direct or indirect) to the approved person (that is, churning);(3) misappropriating a client's assets, including wrongly transferring to personal accounts cash or securities belonging to clients;(4) wrongly using one client's funds to settle margin calls or to cover
EG 13.10.2RP
1Exceptionally, the FCA will consider making such a challenge using its powers in sections 356 and 357 of the Act after considering, in particular, the following matters: (1) The composition of the creditors of the company including the ratio of consumer to non-consumer creditors or the nature of their claims; (2) whether the FCA has concerns, or is aware of concerns of creditors, about the regularity of the meeting or the identification of connected or associated
(1) Principle 10 (Clients’ assets) requires a firm to arrange adequate protection for client's assets when it is responsible for them. As part of these protections, the custody rules require a firm to take appropriate steps to protect safe custody assets for which it is responsible.(2) Subject to paragraph (3), a 3prime brokerage firm should not enter into “right to use arrangements” for a client'ssafe custody assets unless:13(a) in the case of a CASS small firm or a firm to
4The proceeds of the assets realised under CASS 7A.2.3A R:(1) will form part of the relevant notional pool7 of client money (see CASS 7A.2.4R(1A)(a)(i)7 (Pooling and distribution or transfer7); and(2) must be distributed or transferred on behalf of clients7 in accordance with this chapter.