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CONC 10.3.6GRP
CONC 10.3.5 R can be illustrated by the examples set out below:(1) Share Capital£20,000Reserves£30,000Subordinated loans/debts£10,000Intangible assets£10,000As subordinated loans/debts (£10,000) are less than the total of share capital + reserves - intangible assets (£40,000) the firm need not exclude any of its subordinated loans/debts pursuant to CONC 10.3.5 R. Therefore total prudential resources will be £50,000.(2) Share Capital£20,000Reserves£30,000Subordinated loans/debts£60,000Intangible
The notional capital resources requirement calculated under BIPRU 8.4.13 R need not include a credit charge for material holdings. However it should include one for illiquid assets.
For the purposes of the calculation of the capital resources of a firm carrying on home finance administration1only with all the assets it administers off balance sheet, annual income is the sum of:11(1) revenue (that is, commissions, fees, net interest income, dividends, royalties and rent); and(2) gains;(3) arising in the course of the ordinary activities of the firm, less profit:(a) on the sale or termination of an operation;(b) arising from a fundamental reorganisation or
In assessing the adequacy of liquidity resources, a firm should have regard to the overall character of the resources available to it, which enable it to meet its liabilities as they fall due. A firm should ensure that:(1) it holds sufficient assets which are marketable, or otherwise realisable;(2) it is able to generate funds from those assets in a timely manner; and(3) it maintains a prudent funding profile in which its assets are of appropriate maturities, taking into account
1A firm must calculate its own funds and liquid capital as shown below, subject to the detailed requirements set out in IPRU-INV 5.8.2R.Financial resourcesCategoryIPRU-INV 5.8.2R paragraphTier 1(1)Paid-up share capital (excluding preference shares) A(1A)Eligible LLP members' capital (2) Share premium account (3) Reserves 2A(4) Non-cumulative preference shares Less: (5) Investments in own sharesB(6) Intangible assets (7) Material current year losses 4(8)Material holdings in
1 Deductions and Ratios (Items 10, 11 and 15)(a)Notwithstanding IPRU-INV 5.8.1R and 5.8.2R for an exempt CAD firm, in calculating own funds, all of Item 8 must be deducted after the total of Tier 1 and Tier 2 capital and the following restrictions apply:(i)the total of fixed term cumulative preference shares (item 10) and long-term qualifying subordinated loans (item 11) that may be included in Tier 2 capital is limited to 50 per cent of Tier 1 capital;(ii)Tier 2 capital must